7 Tips to Ace Your Pre-Employment Assessment Test

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jul 5, 2019

Jul 5, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

In 2016, there were 7.7 million unemployed individuals in the labor force in America. The labor force is divided into three parts: employed, unemployed or without jobs but searching.

Assessment tests have become part of the screening process. Most assessments are conducted online using a computer or an acquisition kiosk.

Besides, these assessments are completed by filling out questionnaires provided online. A Pre-employment assessment test is given when applying for a specific job position on the company’s website.

Also, some companies will direct you on how to take the tests through their online sites or an email. Companies must be consistent and considerate when conducting pre-employment assessment tests.

Assessment tests help obtain reliable information from your potential future employees.

Once the test is completed and submitted, results might come out immediately or be asked to wait for a specified period. Excelling in a talent test can be challenging, especially if you are the anxious type.

Here are seven tips that will help you pass in your employment assessment test.

1. Dedicate Your Time to Prepare for the Talent Test

Preparation is the primary step towards achieving excellent results in a pre-employment assessment test. In case your employer allows you to take the test at home, allocate enough time to complete the task.

Seek to find a suitable environment free from any distraction. It will help boost your concentration while undergoing the evaluation.

Avoid rushing to give answers. Instead, read and re-read the questions provided. Hurrying, while doing a pre-employment test increases the chances of developing errors. Also, one is likely to skip a vital clause if not careful.

Prepare by seeking relevant information regarding the position that you are applying for. Research or formulate possible questions and try answering them on your own. It will boost your confidence while being assessed.

2. Answer Your Pre-Employment Assessment Test Honestly

As a professional, it’s expected that you will be ethically upright. In most cases, dishonesty during the assessment tests bars applicants from securing employment positions.

These tests help companies to know the necessary information about you. You don't want deceitfulness to be your first impression. The chances are that you won't get hired at all!

Furthermore, most assessment tests have no correct or wrong answers. Try to be honest as much as possible.

Also, you can secure a position that doesn’t match your skills if you are dishonest in your answers. It will make your experience at work unbearable. Sooner or later, you will find yourself seeking another job again.

3. Maintain Relevance Throughout the Test

Always keep in mind that pre-employment assessment tests are part of the job application process. Typically, employers will check your resume, references, and interview performance.

Be relevant and keep everything in perspective throughout the examination. Avoid seeing the test as a hindrance to your aspired position. Instead, partake it as a necessary step in your job search process.

4. Be Time Conscious

Computer-based assessment tests are timed using a digital timer. Time should be more of a motivational factor than a challenge.

Question asked during a selection test are of varying complexities. Ensure that you save on time by first answering the most straightforward questions. After you are done, use the remaining time to explain the hard questions.

Make time to be your best friend, and you will achieve the best results from your talent test. Avoid leaving difficult questions unanswered. Make sure that you attempt every item no matter how complex it seems.

5. Stay Calm During the Test

Being anxious is normal, especially when being evaluated. You never know what to expect.
There is a time that you will feel overconfident and other times, less confident.

Avoid being too expectant and extremely ignorant as well. In most cases, an individual who become over-anxious register poor results during the assessment test.

Also, your level of expectations matches your levels of frustrations. Be still and composed before, during, and after participating in an online test.

Eradicate worries on whether or not you will assume the given position. Instead, direct all your focus towards delivering realistic answers in your questionnaire.

6. Be Professional When Answering Questions During the Assessment

It’s advisable that you read through your questions at least twice before giving answers. Make sure you grasp and master the tricks in the questions.

Don't over-analyze your questions. Most of them are clear and easy to understand. Ensure that your attitude remains positive throughout the evaluation even though you find an issue that doesn't please you.

In case your questionnaire has multiple choices, be sure to select the right box and confirm. It helps to be sure about your answers.

After you are completely done with the assessment, spend some few minutes counter-checking before submitting. You will probably find mistakes that you couldn’t notice during the test.

7. Study the Background of Your Future Employer

You never know what will be asked in the test, and it's risky to take chances. Consider doing some primary research on your future work environment.

For instance, seek to find out when the specific company was started. Also, try to familiarize yourself with the company’s vision and mission statements. You might find a question asking you to state the company’s mission statement, who knows?

Equipping yourself with some information concerning your prospective employer provides an open chance to present your qualifications for your aspired position.

Overview of Pre-Employment Assessment Tests 

Regardless of whatever position you are seeking, you are likely to find yourself doing a computer selection test. Avoid getting caught off guard due to lack of enough preparation.

No one is rushing you to complete your test first. Use the time provided wisely when doing your pre-employment assessment test.

Maintain a positive mind and attitude throughout the assessment. A negative attitude towards the questions asked will only result in poor performance.

Once your results are released, maintain the positive attitude no matter the outcome. Accept your performance. If you are lucky to secure the position, ensure that you prove you are up to the task.

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