7 Important Tips for a Successful Nursing Career in 2019

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jun 3, 2019

Jun 3, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

Did you know there is currently a shortage of nurses in the US?

Your skills as a nurse are highly valued as thousands of American lives depend on your input. It’s, therefore, your obligation to render services with an open heart. If you’re looking to improve your nursing career, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve compiled a brief guide on nursing tips that can help you become a better nurse. These tips are from some of the best nurses in various fields.

1. Follow Your Passion

Nursing is a calling. It’s also a field with many specialties. You may like some and dislike others. Prudence demands you specialize in a field that you are passionate about.

This way you can grow and advance your career with passion and dedication to become the best in your field.

2. Register With a Professional Organization

There are many nursing organizations across the U.S. These organizations are made up of professional nurses in diverse fields. It’s not mandatory to join most of them, but it is recommended.

Joining a professional organization for nurses comes with many benefits. The main benefit being that you get to fortify your credibility as these organizations have strict vetting processes. You also get to meet other nurses in diverse fields and share important information that can improve your career.

3. Find a Mentor For Your Nursing Career

How long have you been a nurse? Chances are that there is a nurse with more experience and know-how than you. You could learn a lot from a mentor. So we suggest that you look for one.

Unless you’re just starting out as a nurse, we also suggest that you mentor a novice in your field. Knowing that there’s someone looking up to you for professional guidance will keep you on your toes. It'll also add to your credibility.

4. Keep Furthering Your Education

Nursing is a growing field with new discoveries coming to light. It’s also a competitive field where nurses with the highest levels of education are given preference over others. For instance, there’s a need for all nurses to have their BSN.

As such, never get tired of learning. Take a free nursing ceus course that you consider relevant to your specialty. Education is what got you here in the first place!

5. Learn to Master Your Patience

There is a lot that hinges on nurses in hospitals. In fact, some nurses are of the opinion that nurses in the U.S. are under-appreciated. This is an inevitable feeling that you will experience at some point, but never act on it.

Learn to be patient with your colleagues, doctors, and especially patients. Never take any stressful situation personally.

6. Be Compassionate and Selfless

Like we mentioned earlier, nursing is a calling. Every nurse seeks to improve the health and lives of patients, and this demands compassion and selflessness. These are some of the most important skills required for nursing.  

7. Improve Your Communication Skills

Nurses are the central hub of healthcare institutions. They work with everyone on both parties i.e, doctors and patients. They play a vital role in relaying information that can save or fail lives. As such, you need to be a good communicator, especially with your colleagues and doctors.

Bottom Line

You can have the best nursing career if you work on your skills. And, as mentioned, furthering your education gives you an edge over your colleagues.

We offer free, advanced ECU nursing courses to help you become a better nurse. Get in touch with us to learn more about our nursing careers list and we will be more than glad to enroll you!