Real Estate Job Interview: Popular Questions and Answers 2019

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Apr 15, 2019

Apr 15, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

Walking into an interview unprepared is a topic made for nightmares. Forget the being there in your underwear version. What happens when you get a question that stumps you?

It is uncomfortable and awkward to be asked a question and then stumble on the answer. I mean, let's face it, nobody goes into an interview without wanting to land the job. What about if you are the one doing the interviewing? The best questions will help you land the best candidate. 

Real estate agents need personality, communication, and organizational skills. They also need to know the laws, have marketing, research, aesthetic skills, and a touch of competitiveness too. Are you looking to get hired as a real estate agent? Or are you about to hire a new agent for your office?

Consider this list of real estate interview questions and the best way to answer them to land that perfect job or candidate for the job.

General Interview Questions

The general interview questions are those questions that happen at nearly every interview. The ones that get the interview rolling. They can be important to answer correctly to make a good first impression. Below are a few that you might get in your interview:

Tell Me About Yourself

The question can you tell me a little about yourself seems so straight forward, yet can often trip candidates up. Be prepared with an answer that is focused and highlights your connection to real estate. 

The interviewer has your resume, so don't rehash everything you have done over the course of your life. Likewise, resist the urge to spend an abundance of time on your personal life. 

Instead, be prepared to highlight two to three things you have done in your life that show how you would be a good candidate. These can be accomplishments or experiences that make you a more viable and interesting candidate.  Be careful to keep your answer focused and concise and keep yourself from blathering on too long. 

Why This Job

Every employer wants to hire someone who will do a bang up job. They want employees who are passionate and qualified and fit the mission of the company. The trick to the question, why do you want this job, is to have an answer that shows how you are the perfect fit for them.

Avoid answering in any way that makes you look like you are trying to get the job to fit your life. For example, I can work this job around my kids' school schedule.

Instead, share what makes you a great real estate agent. You could share how you are love helping potential homebuyers to find their perfect home.  Highlight how your communication and sales skills will benefit the employer. Show how you want the job because you are a perfect fit for each other. 

Strengths and Weaknesses

Answer this question, what are your strengths, to best highlight your skills as they relate to being a successful real estate. Instead of saying I'm crazy fun at a party so people like to be around me. You might say I have the ability to engage with people and build relationships, which fosters my ability to make a sale.

The weakness question can be tricky because nobody wants to tell their potential new boss all the things they aren't good at doing. Be honest with yourself and identify a weakness. But when answering, look to show how you are working to improve and strengthen your skills in this area. 

Situational and Behavioral Questions

These are the questions that help a potential employer to see how you would handle potential things that might happen on a job.

Situational Questions

Show your interviewer how you would help a client work through a situation. Imagine the toughest situations you have faced as an agent. How did you help your clients work those and highlight your skills in your answer?

Questions might include:

How do you help clients when negotiating the best sale price?

How do you work with other real estate professionals like mortgage lenders or home inspectors to understand the process?

Explain a time when you made a mistake on a contract and had to fix it. 

Behavioral Questions

The key to the answers to all the behavioral questions is highlighting how you problem solve effectively and for clients the company.

Questions might include:

How do you handle it when a seller or another agent is not doing the things they promised?

How would you respond when a client finds a problem with a house they are in the process of purchasing?

Real Estate Specific Questions

This is the set of questions where you will show you know your stuff about the industry. It is in the answers to this set of questions where you prove you are the candidate for the job. 


Why do you want to be a real estate agent? 


Ultimately, the answer needs to show you understand the industry. It also needs to show you want to make money. If you make money, then your employer will be making money too. 

Start with the fact that you see the potential to make money and be successful. Then show how your skills fit with the industry, will help you to make money and thus, benefit the employer. 


How do you get a client to close the deal so they avoid the continuous looking without making an offer to buy?


It's important here to show you have identified the needs and wants of the client. Show how you work to help them prioritize the most important things they want from a new home. 

Showcase in your answer how you help clients to imagine themselves living in the homes you are showing. It is important here to highlight how you can help clients overcome stumbling blocks they might face when looking at potential homes. 


What if a client is looking at property for investment purposes? Does that change your role as their agent at all?


The important part of this answer is to show how you can help a client see that they can make money from an investment property. The answer is to help the client see the property as a potential asset, the tax benefits it offers, and how it fits their needs for making money.

In this answer, you can show how you work to help clients get more info about real estate as an investment. Explain your role is to help facilitate the information needed to broker the sale. 


What skills for marketing do you bring real estate?


The interviewer wants to see that you understand how to list and market a piece of real estate. Go through the steps of gathering pertinent information about the property, photographing it and getting it online to the necessary listing like agent's site,, and

It's important to show your knowledge of how to use technology in marketing. The internet and social media outlets are key in today's world. If you have video and virtual tour skills to help highlight a property, share that information too. 

Discuss other marketing tools you use as an agent to get recognized. If you market yourself effectively, then you have customers, who in turn not only see properties with you but also list properties when they are ready to sell. 


What knowledge do you have about the roles of others involved in the real estate industry like home inspectors, mortgage professionals, etc?


This answer is about showing you know the ins and out of buying and selling homes for clients.  This means sharing your knowledge as it relates to:

  • Listing of a property
  • Staging a property
  • Showing it
  • Marketing
  • Getting purchase agreements
  • Home inspections
  • Securing financing

You might highlight how you help a potential buyer understand the value of a home inspection and the information provided to you from a home inspector. Buyers often feel anxiety going through the process of financing. Showcase your skills about the process of financing the purchase of a home. 


How do you use your skills to get listings?


It's important to show your ability to develop relationships with customers in this answer. Getting listings comes from finding potential customers. 

Showcase that you know how to garner customers by:

  • Marketing and advertising yourself and your properties
  • Getting return customers: buyers who now want to sell 
  • Referrals from previous clients and those in the industry
  • Maintaining relationships with previous clients

Prepare Yourself With These Real Estate Interview Questions and Answers

Successful real estate agents know the ins and outs of the business and how to communicate with clients. They also know how to make a sale.

Put your sales skills to work in the interview by selling your abilities as an agent. Use these real estate interview questions and answers to be prepared to land your dream job. 

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