Got Video, Will Market: Here's Why Video Marketing for Business Is a Must for Company Success

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Feb 19, 2019

Feb 19, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

Did you know 70% of consumers stated they shared a brand’s video? This proves video marketing is one of the most powerful forms of content marketing.

Video marketing is becoming more popular every year. Just about every major social media platform optimizes its experience for video.

Video is becoming diverse with the advent of stories and live video. And video channels such as YouTube boast an active search presence, almost as high as Google’s!

If this isn’t convincing you that you need video marketing for business, then maybe the following reasons will. Here’s why video is essential for your company’s success.

Video Has Great ROI

While video is essential, video is also expensive. Even a basic video can cost over a grand — a video with full production and editing can cost thousands.

However, that money is well worth it. That’s because video has incredible ROI benefits. For example, video is one of the growth strategies that Dropbox implemented. Today, they’re a $4 billion company.

There’s a reason why video has powerful ROI...

Video Boosts Sales and Conversions

There’s a reason why video helps make brands such as Dropbox huge powerhouses. Video is extremely engaging. This is why it helps boost sales and conversions.

Offering a landing page video will help explain your products and brand to customers immediately. Posting your videos on social networks such as Facebook will help increase its share value, increasing your audience.

The type of video you create also impacts your sales and conversions. For example, explainer videos help provide the education a customer needs to make their purchasing decision.

This results in more sales after you create explainer videos.

Other good video examples include how-to videos and unboxing videos.

Video Has Flexible Pricing Options

If you still can’t throw down several grand on video, you have options. Entry-level DSLRs offer HD video and they only cost about $450. You can film a simple video yourself and only hire an editor to make the video look more polished.

You’re also making a short video, nothing over-dramatic or detailed. Your video doesn’t have to be perfect or anything over-the-top. This will also decrease some of the video costs.

What does matter with video marketing? Explaining the product, your brand, and how your brand can benefit customers is the key to the power of video marketing.

Video Improves Your SEO

Google will pay attention to all of this engagement. This results in better SEO performance.

Video helps bring your audience to your website and social media channels. Google will see this traffic and will recognize your brand better.

In addition to traffic and exposure, owning a YouTube channel also expedites the video SEO process. Google owns YouTube. Google will better identify your traffic, engagement, and audience when you upload videos on YouTube.

Keep in mind, simply creating and uploading videos won’t result in immediate SEO results. Video SEO is essential to achieving the SEO results you need.

Research powerful keywords and optimize the video’s title and description for those terms. Add links back to your website and products. Use this information and upload your videos on many platforms, not just YouTube.

Video Builds Trust

There’s a reason why your customers support you. It’s a reason more powerful than even the best product. It’s trust. Gaining trust from customers isn’t easy. An effective way to do this is with video.

Content helps create a long-term relationship with your customers by providing education.

The modern consumer is a very smart one; they would rather support a business that supports them. They go through the sales funnel by educating your product, industry, services, and company.

This is why 57% of customers feel better when they watch an educational video about a company before buying their products.

This is where video comes in. Video offers education, but it also offers more.

Video hits your audience emotionally. This spawns interest and your audience will want to continue watching your content. This is why your customers will share your videos and will introduce your brand to their network.

Video Works for Every Industry

As you’re reading this list, you’re probably wondering if video will work for your industry. While every industry is different, you’ll likely find a video marketing method that works perfectly in your niche.

Video marketing is versatile. This means you can make a video for a variety of reasons.

Promoting a new product or service with video is a great way to introduce your company growth. You can also release videos to demonstrate how to use your products and other video types that work for your business.

Since video varies between niches, it’s best to research video trends in your industry. For example, the videos highlighting unique dishes are huge in the restaurant industry but may not be as successful in the engineering industry.

Video Is Mobile-Friendly

Are you viewing videos on your desktop? You’re likely watching them on your phone. 95% of Americans own a smartphone which means they likely spend most of their mobile browsing time on their phones.

Many popular video platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook, optimize their apps for mobile viewing. Since Google judges SEO performance on mobile use, your videos will win points for Google.

Your mobile video optimization shouldn’t end there. If your videos are on your website, ensure your website is responsive or you’re using mobile-friendly web design. It also helps if you attach your videos to your app.

Are You Looking for a New Career in Video Marketing for Business?

Now that you know the benefits of video marketing for business, there’s another benefit you should know. That’s starting a new career in marketing.

Marketing is the future. Whether you’re using video or another medium, every brand needs a powerful marketing strategy. Here are the essential skills you need to learn if you’re starting a career in marketing.