You Won't Want To Leave. Here Are 10 Reasons Why You Should Pursue A Hotel Profession.

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Feb 19, 2019

Feb 19, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

When you’ve been on vacation, do you remember the staff at the hotel where you stayed? They can make a big impact on the quality of your vacation. A job in the hotel profession allows you to have the same impact on the lives of others.

A career in hospitality can be fun, exciting and rewarding. It won’t feel like the Hotel California. You’ll love it so much, you won’t want to leave.

Read on to find out what the top hotel jobs are and 10 reasons why you should consider a career in the hospitality industry.

Types of Hotel Jobs

There are a lot of opportunities to work in the hotel industry. You can have any type of job. You don’t have to sit behind a desk and check people in.

Hotel Manager

Your main job is to make sure that guests are satisfied with their stay. You manage and oversee every part of the hotel, from the front desk to the restaurant. You want to make sure the customer experience is world class

Resort Manager

This job is similar to a hotel manager in that you oversee the day to day operations of the resort. You have the added responsibilities of overseeing recreational and resort activities.

Sales Manager

This is one of the most important jobs in the hotel. You’re directly responsible for the revenue the hotel generates. You’re responsible for selling the hotel for events, weddings, and upgrades and packages. This is a high-stress job because you operate under a quota and you must solve a lot of problems for customers.


A concierge is one of the top tourism jobs you can get. Your job is to be the local expert that guests rely on to have a great experience.

You can recommend and book activities for guests and giving them tips to have a local experience.  

10 Reasons to Work in the Hotel Profession

Working in hospitality can be stressful, but it has so much to offer people. Take a look at these reasons to work in the hotel profession.

1. The Industry is Growing

The hotel industry has been growing steadily year over year. That trend is due to continue into 2019 and beyond. 

That level of growth offers job security and the opportunity to work in several types of hotel jobs.

2. You Meet People from All Over the World

Working in the hotel profession allows you to meet people from all over the world. It’s a rare opportunity to be exposed to so many types of people and cultures in one place.

3. Personal and Professional Growth

Learning about leadership and expanding your comfort zone doesn’t happen in the classroom or by reading a book.

That can only happen through experience. No matter what job you have in the hotel industry, you will be challenged to grow. You’ll learn about helping others grow,

4. Transferrable skills

There are hotels all over the world. You can take what you’ve learned at a hotel in Washington and move to any city you want.

The opportunities are plentiful with corporations with an international presence. Hilton International has hotels where you can transfer your experience to amazing locales around the world.

5. Your Choice in Career Paths

You have a lot of opportunity in the hotel profession. You can have a career in sales, management, customer service, marketing or human resources.

You can experience each area and decide on the career path that’s right for you. There are no limitations to what kind of job you can have.

6. Great Pay

As with any career path you choose, you have to be able to support yourself and your family. The pay does vary depending on location and the type of job. The type of hotel will matter, too. Boutique luxury hotels will pay more than an average hotel.

You can expect that the more responsibility that you have, the more you’ll get paid. In the UK, average hotel salaries range from GBP 30,000 per year as a receptionist to GBP 85,000 as a manager. 

7. People are Genuine

Authenticity is something you’ll get to experience in the hotel profession. Since the focus of the hotel profession is on people, there’s no room for bad attitudes. That could affect the customer experience.

You’re highly likely to work with people who are naturally positive and engaging. That will create an incredible work environment for everyone.

8. You Love Working with People

It’s a people-centered industry. Every part of your day is wondering what you can do to make the guests’ day better.

When things go wrong for people on vacation, you have the chance to make things right and great an outstanding experience, like what the staff at the Grand Hyatt Kauai did for one family who lost a beloved stuffed animal.

9. You Could Choose to Be an Entrepreneur

After you get enough experience in the hospitality industry, you might decide that you want to run your own company.

Have you ever dreamed of opening a B and B in a quaint location? You could even buy a hotel and run it yourself.

You can use your job in the hotel profession as a springboard to something bigger. If you want to know what it takes to buy a hotel, read this guide

10. It’s a Fun Profession

The hotel profession is fun. There’s always something new every single day. There are new experiences, there are new people. Working in the hospitality industry isn’t boring at all.

Working in the Hotel Profession Has A Lot to Offer

A career in the hotel profession offers endless opportunities. You can learn about other cultures, live and work around the world, and grow professionally.

It can be stressful to manage the expectations of hotel guests all the time, but you can create a memorable impression on the lives of strangers.

There are many reasons to work in the hospitality industry. If you’re ready to get started, you’ll want to read this article on the office tech tools every employee needs to know.