Drive It like You Sold It: 9 Actionable Tips for Being the Best Car Salesman on the Lot

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Feb 19, 2019

Feb 19, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

Sales is one of the top paying professions in the US. If you get good at selling, you can make a very nice income. 

Working at a car dealership isn't always the easiest place to sell, but if you learn the skills of how to be a successful car salesman, it will be easy for you. Continue reading this article to learn nine tips you can put into action right away.

How to Be a Successful Car Salesman - The Cold Hard Truth

If you think sales is a simple job that doesn't take a lot of skill, you're very mistaken. There is a lot that goes into being a good resource for people that want to buy a new vehicle.

1. Remember Names

Not only do some salespeople forget people's names, but they don't even ask. Did you wince a little bit? Maybe you made this mistake because you were excited about making your next big sale?

Remembering someone's name makes a major difference in how they feel about you. If you remember their name and they know they are more than just the next sale, they are more likely to trust you through the sales process.

If you aren't good with names, you need to work on memorization skills so you can get good with remembering names. Some people aren't just good at remembering names, and then others are bad at it. Name recollection is a skill that you can build and master.

2. Let People Tell You What They Want

You're not a website so don't act like one. If you think listing tips and information about a vehicle is going to get the sale, that isn't the case.

Let people tell you what is important to them. They may not say these things directly to you, but if you listen to what they're saying to the people with them, you can pick up information that will be helpful later on in the conversation.

3. Make Useful Suggestions

If you know something specific that will help them, feel free to pipe up and let them know about it. People love useful suggestions but only when it directly relates to something that is on their radar. What you think is useful may not be the same as what they think is useful so be mindful of this fact.

While sales and marketing may be different roles, the same basic principles ring true. You need to give the people what they want and learning sales and marketing skills will help you do that.

4. Learn How to Positively Position Your Product

Learning how to position your product in a good light will allow you to get out in front of objections. If you know there are some common objections; you can gently deal with them and move them out of the way. 

5. Don't Talk Bad About the Other Guy

No matter what negative information you know, you should never talk bad about the other guy. When you bad mouth the competition, this raises red flags. Becoming a great salesman means being able to show your product is great without saying anything bad about someone else's product.

6. Showcase Points of Value

When you know, there are specific points people really like then you should showcase those points. If they notice the windows have a special type of control their car doesn't have, you can go more in-depth on how it operates and how it makes life easier.

You might notice they really care about safety. You can talk about how the airbag system is set up to protect them. You can talk about any other safety features the vehicle has and continue to stack and showcase those value points.

One of the safety points might be about how bright the headlights of the car are. You can read more here to learn about the 6 brightest LED headlights.

7. Make the Options Simple

People don't want a lot of options despite what they tell you. They want to find what they like and get out the door. When you get an idea of what they want, take them right to it. 

If you take someone to a vehicle that is almost exactly what they want, have a backup to go to so that you can move them along quickly. If you take too much time helping them find what they want, they may get tired and decide to purchase another day.

8. Share About You (Build Rapport)

When you clam up and don't share anything about yourself, the sales process can be uncomfortable. On the other hand, make sure you don't share too much about yourself. You should always listen more than you talk when you want to make the sale.

9. Keep Studying

You never reach the top of your game. There is always another level of learning and training. Don't get complacent even when you're doing very well with your sales career.

Schedule time when you can go to different conferences or seminars that work on sales and marketing techniques. General personal development is also helpful, but you want to focus in on your sales skills as much as possible when you're working on career development.

Get involved with groups of other sales professionals to motivate each other and learn from their experiences. You may or may not want to team up with other people in your dealership, but if there is a possibility of friendly competition, that is helpful at times.

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