Work for Your Favorite: How to Find Mechanics Jobs for One Specific Brand

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Feb 19, 2019

Feb 19, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

What does it take to get one of the top jobs for mechanics?

It all depends on what brand you want to specialize in. Some mechanics love working on any old beater, while others prefer the aura of specializing in a brand like Porsche or Audi.

There are also mechanics who dream of working in the top tier of racing, like being a mechanic in Formula One.

If you want to know what it really takes to work in the job of your dreams as a mechanic, you’ll want to keep reading.

These are the top tips that you can use to build your career as a mechanic and work your way up to any brand, and any type of mechanic jobs out there.

Map Out Your Vision

Most people don’t get what they want because they don’t really know what they want. They have a vague idea of what they want their life to be.

In order to create your dream career, you need to be specific. Set out specific goals for your career. Write them down. People who write down their goals are ten times more likely to achieve them than ones who don’t.

You want to be sure that you have a vision for where you want to be in your career. What brands do you want to work for? Where will you work? How much money are you making? What does your typical day look like?

These are the questions that will help you get a specific vision of your career. The key is to dream as big as possible. Even if one-tenth of what you want comes to pass, you’ll have a great career.

Plan Your Steps to Get There

You can’t have a vision without action. If you have a vision and no action behind it, then you’re just wishing and hoping.

Now you have to make a plan to build your career. List out skills that you need to become a mechanic. Also, list out steps you’ll have to take to get to the job that you want.

You’ll have to do some research to find out what certain brands require from their mechanics. You can also reach out and talk to trade schools in the area to find out if they have graduates who work for the brands that you want to work for.

That can create an instant connection and potentially get your foot in the door of the company you’re targeting.

Education and Apprenticeships for Mechanics

If you’re just starting out as a mechanic, you’ll need to have the proper education credentials. Most mechanics are required to have a high-school diploma or a G.E.D. They also need to have some kind of training as a mechanic.

These training programs are offered by trade schools, community colleges, and some manufacturers. You don’t need to be a major in engineering to become a mechanic. You do need to know about computer technology and electronics since that’s used to operate cars.

When you’re first coming out of school, you’ll want to get a certificate from National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). This is the certificate that most repair shops will look for before hiring.

You may also have to get licensed in your state to be a mechanic. The laws vary from state to state. You can check with your state government’s website or ask while you’re in training.

After you’ve done all of that, you need to get general automotive repair experience under your belt. Take work at first working on any car. You’ll learn about the different brands on the market and how they’re different.

It’s important to remain a student about things like the best exhaust systems for Toyota Tacomas. That can help you broaden your expertise. You can learn more here.

Pick Your Brand to Specialize In

There are thousands of mechanics jobs out there. You’ll need to set yourself apart from the general auto repair mechanics.

One way to do that is to specialize in a particular auto brand. You can choose to work on luxury autos or you can stick with Toyotas.

You’ll have to know what it takes to be a specialized mechanic for a particular brand. Porsche offers an apprenticeship and training program for people who want to work with Porsche.

Audi offers training programs at its training centers across the country. BMW has a 16-week training program for auto technicians. 

Know Where the Future Is

No matter which brand you decide to work with, you always want to be one or two steps ahead of the other auto mechanics.

Technology is always changing and that has a direct impact on the auto industry. You want to be able to position yourself to be ahead.

Learning how to work on electric cars is a great way to stay ahead. All of the major car manufacturers have at least one electric car in their product line.

Who knows what will come after the electric car. You’ll want to study the industry trends and get experience before there’s a major need for those services.

That’s how you can set yourself apart from other mechanics and you’ll become more valuable in the marketplace. People will be more willing to pay for your services because demand will be high and there won’t be enough mechanics to do the work.

Build Your Dream Career as a Mechanic

Being a mechanic can be a lucrative career. You can separate yourself from all of the other mechanics out there by specializing in a particular brand or type of automobile.

No matter what you want to do with your career, it’s important to have the vision and the plan to get there. There will be setbacks and challenges, but if you stick your plan like following road signs, you’ll get to your destination.

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