Heigh-Ho, It's Back to Work We Go: How to Find Jobs in Retirement

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jan 21, 2019

Jan 21, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

The number of older adults turning to work after retirement is rising. Whether it is to top up a pension or to keep afloat with a non-existent pension, there are many reasons why people may quit their careers, but continue to work.

If you can't find work in your chosen career field, you may feel at a loss as to where you should find a job. But luckily, thanks to a growing older workforce, jobs in retirement are not difficult to find.

Read on for some ideas to fill your time, and pockets, after the age of 65.

Think About Your Hobbies

You may have worked previously out of necessity. Now, you may be working to either pad your pension, or because you find yourself bored and directionless during the day.

Your old job may have been what your family relied on, but now it's just you, you have the freedom and flexibility to start a whole new job or career.

Love theater? Consider becoming an usher and see free shows. Love to knit? Consider working at a shop that sells yarn. Love dogs? Consider working in a pet store or a dog rescue center. You can discover more ideas to help you start thinking about what it is you'd really like to do!

Working for Yourself

You've developed years of skill in your industry. Freelancing and consulting is becoming the norm amongst younger workers in the United States, so why not use your expertise and start to do so? You can freelance as a writer, photographer or simply offer your expertise to businesses.

After you've gained a lifetime of experience, there are likely people who would be really excited to work with someone who knows as much about your industry as you do! So, why not give working for yourself a try? You can even choose which days you have off and when you wish to do things for yourself.

Do Something You Always Wanted to Do When You Were Younger

Now that you don't have a job holding you back, and presumably no dependents, you have the freedom to explore things you might have done when you were younger. For example, many retirees go abroad to teach English or to work with the less fortunate. 

If you've ever fantasized about working on a resort, on a ship or a summer camp, your golden years might just be the time to fulfill that fantasy. You can even save a lot of money by living where you work and renting your home out while you're gone.

Finding Jobs in Retirement

Finding jobs in retirement isn't always easy, finding work nowadays never is. Once you've got an idea of what it is you want to do, search our job boards. Don't be afraid to put in applications for any job you think you might like. The worst anyone can say is no.