Forget the Bar! 5 Hot Legal Careers That Don't Require You to Be an Attorney

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jan 16, 2019

Jan 16, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

Calling all grad students!

Are you ready to begin an exciting and lucrative career? Are you interested in upholding justice and the law? Are you considering taking a peek at potential legal careers?

If you want to be a part of that world, but don't want to be a lawyer, you're in luck.

There are many profitable jobs in this field that don't need intense law school or a stressful bar exam. And they can still bring in hefty paychecks and let you scratch your courtroom itch.

And when we say "many," we mean it. We've narrowed the list down to 5 common career options - but there's still much more out there. We chose these because they're important, relevant, and their trajectory is set high!

So press "pause" on Legally Blonde and let's get your career figured out!

1. Court Clerk

A court clerk is an administrative position that aids anyone from lawyers to judges.

Court clerks do anything from documenting legal papers to managing court fees. They keep up with light bookkeeping work, as well as organizing important information.

Best yet, this job requires a well-rounded set of skills that one can get with an AA or certification. You won't have to pass the bar to nail this career.

2. Paralegal

The paralegal career made the top 100 Best Jobs in America! Its 8% growth rate and high salary ($71,500) make it a very attractive candidate for grad students.

"Paralegal" is often interchangeable for "legal assistant" - meaning you would do exactly that. They perform a wide range of tasks to lighten the load for lawyers.

They keep in touch with both clients and attorneys. In some cases, paralegals can represent clients in hearings.

Take the job above-and-beyond by improving your firm's online presence. (Learn more about how that keeps your caseload even more exciting and fresh here.)

All this intellectually-challenging work is stimulating. And you don't need to pass a bar to get it. Having a Bachelor's, or a paralegal certification, puts you on your way.

3. Mediator

Also know as arbitrators, these guys try to settle a dispute between two or more parties before it goes to court. They are an unbiased third-party that specializes in alternative dispute resolution. Candidates must have some experience in the field of dispute.

4. Jury Consultant 

Do you believe you have a knack for reading and interpreting human behavior? Attorneys rely heavily on jury consultants during high-stake trials. Consultants help attorneys choose jurors, as well as help them read juror behavior. 

They help develop strategies to shape a jury's perception. And as every lawyer knows, the jury's decision is what a case comes down to.

This career needs at least a BA in a field such as behavioral science, sociology, or psychology.

5. Compliance Specialist

A compliance specialist monitors the practices and policies of businesses to make sure they are conforming to laws. They also ensure that a company's contracts with their clients fit regulatory standards. 

They investigate, interpret, and perform auditing. Does this sound appealing to you? You'd need a Bachelor's or higher in accounting or business administration. 

Which One of These Legal Careers Is for You?

These 5 jobs offer an endlessly exciting, interesting, and indispensable career path. They're not going anywhere - people always have, and always will, need legal services.

Did reading about these legal careers make you reconsider your decision to take the bar? Have you decided you want to go full-throttle in your law career?

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