How to Find Jobs as a Dental Hygienist before You Graduate

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jan 7, 2019

Jan 7, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

It's frustrating spending a couple of years and lots of dollars to become a dental hygienist only to struggle to find a job when you finally graduate.

A smart way to sidestep the stress some dental hygiene graduates experience looking for work is to start job-hunting before you graduate. This way, you might land a job before it's time to officially join the dental hygiene job market.

But where do you start? Here's how to get a dental hygienist job before graduating.

1. Decide Where You Want to Work

The first thing to do is to identify the specific jurisdictions that you'd like to work in. This should help to narrow down your options to a specific geographical radius.

Next, list down all the dental offices and clinics operating within that area and what they do. If you're passionate about working with a cosmetic dentist, for example, expect to attend to patients coming for aesthetic treatments like veneers and crowns.

Visit this site for more info about veneers and crowns.

2. Connect with the Right People

The dental hygiene job market is saturated, and most job openings are rarely advertised. Dental hygienist jobs are often spread by word-of-mouth or via the organization's social media pages.

Start attending meetings and conferences for dental professionals in your state or local area to link up with other dental professionals. This way, you'll run in the same circles as people who already have the kind of job you long for.

Let your network know that you're looking for a job and are ready to take up any post that may open up. If someone recommends you for a job, refer to them in your inquiry call or letter. Who you know is sometimes equally as important as what you can do.

Also, connect to the social media pages of prospective employers. This way, you can know when they have a job opening for you.

3. Market Yourself Online

Social media is essential to today's job search process. You can use your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media pages to market your brand.

All you need to do is to include powerful branding messages that will grab the attention of prospective employers or people who know about a job opening that suits your profile.

4. Communicate Diligently

To land a job in the current dental hygiene job market, you need to have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.

Whether your initial communication with a prospective employer will be through writing or via the phone, you need to make sure you express yourself eloquently and confidently.

If you score yourself an interview, prepare well for it by brushing up your interviewing skills.

5. Dress Up Well

How you dress up on the day of the interview can speak volumes about how diligent you'll be at work. Do a thorough wardrobe check before going for any interview.

Having a Good Strategy Is Key to Landing a Dental Hygienist Job

Securing a job as a dental hygienist after you graduate can be downright stressful. But if you strategize well, you should be able to get a job even before you graduate. The above-explained tips can go a long way in getting you the job of your dreams.

If you'd like to create a job alert for dental hygiene jobs in your local area, please visit us here.