Everything You Need to Know to Become an SEO Expert

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Dec 20, 2018

Dec 20, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

Do you want to become an SEO aficionado?

Nowadays, everything is on the internet. Products, blogs, news articles, and you can even find some businesses available online. Since everyone is posting everything online, how can someone make sure they're ahead of their competition?

This is when they realize they need the help of an SEO expert. What is an SEO specialist? It's someone who's proficient in search engine optimization, which determines which websites appear first on the results page of search engines.

Why dedicate your time into something like that? Simple, because SEO marketing is an expensive business. It's even expected to make 79.27 billion US dollars by 2020.

The good thing about SEO is, anyone can learn it. So, if you want to make a big profit selling SEO services or if you want to save yourself a buck, read on to hone your SEO skills.

The Different Types of SEO

If you want people to see you as an expert SEO marketer, there are two ways to do so. You can use a few SEO hacks to learn the essentials, or you get to know the basics. Where better to start than learning about the different types of SEO?

Most of the time, when people hear about SEO, they think about building links and keywords. While it's true that those are ways to increase one's SEO score, those are only a part of 2 types of SEO. There are 2 more kinds that most people never know about.

Each of these types all increases a website's SEO score in their own way. However, to make these types of SEO be effective for a website, you need to know how to fine tune each one of them. They all have different ways to become efficient, so let's get to it.

Technical SEO

A website's security, on-site navigation, and all that concern a website's performance when interacting with a web browser falls under this type of SEO. Because it concerns how websites work in general, this may be the most important aspect of SEO to go over. You should consider prioritizing a website's technical SEO whenever you work on one.

Optimizing a website's technical SEO may be a tedious task. It involves you looking into the way they coded the website. It also means you need to fix broken pages like 404 pages.

This type of SEO also concerns a website's compatibility with mobile devices. Translating a website to be compatible with a mobile device may sound hard, but there are online tools that can help with that. We'll tackle more on those tools later on.

On-Site SEO

This type of SEO focuses more on the factors found inside a website. Things like the quality of the page's content and images found inside fit this category.

Optimizing the on-site SEO of a website is simple compared to technical SEO. All you need to look into is the quality of the website's content. Check the multimedia content of the page and see if anything is in need of an update.

Often, the ones you'll notice that needs attention are small things like grammar. You can often find these mistakes in the introductory paragraph of a website. Other problems like outdated images are also easy to fix. You only need to find a better quality image or video to replace it with.

On-site SEO also includes the title and description of a website in the results page of a search engine. You can optimize these for better SEO by keeping them short and memorable. The meta-description can hold up to 160 characters, but for a better SEO score, keep it at around 60.

Off-Site SEO

Unlike on-site SEO, this kind of SEO focuses more on promoting the website outside of its domain. Having a good off-site SEO is important because this gives you a good image toward search engines. Google and Bing take a look at the relationship of a website with other websites out there.

You can enhance the relationship between two websites through a variety of ways. One way is by direct links to the web pages of another website.

Besides building relationships, you can also promote a website through social media. This allows more people to discover the website. Often, it leads to an increase in the traffic the website receives.

To increase effectiveness in social media SEO, you need to get inside the mind of your audience. This means you need to get into the millennial mindset. This allows you to structure your blog or product to appeal to them.

Content SEO

This type of SEO gives the search engine's algorithms new content to discover in a website. Things like blogs, statistics, and product pages all count to increasing a website's SEO through content SEO.

Search engines are always on the lookout for new content. They like discovering new content from a single website. This makes them rank it higher.

When optimizing the content SEO of a website, there are a few things you need to look for. One is the information provided by the content. You need to make sure they're accurate and up to date.

Another is the keywords used. Using high-frequency keywords means it will be harder to rank, so consider using the lesser contended keywords. This means it's harder to rank, but you'll get an top billing when someone searches them.

White Hat Link Building

Kickstarting a career in providing expert SEO services is hard. You need to make yourself known one way or another. This leads to many people using linking tactics frowned upon by other SEO services.

They're happy when they see the tactics they used yielded immediate results for them. However, once the search engines release a new update, they'll find their links become broken and unusable.

For this reason, you shouldn't use black hat link tactics. You should take time to build white hat links instead. White hat links are ideal for future users because they survive any search engine update.

Proper white hat link building is simple. You only need to link to high-quality, reliable pages. This means you need websites with a good reputation.

Also, your resources need to be legitimate. This means the information should come from websites with authority on the topic.

This also means you should be linking to the original source of the information. So, take time to see if websites also have links leading back to their source material.

Make Use of Online Tools

There is a myriad of online tools available for you to use. These all help you provide faster SEO services. Also, these make your life as an SEO marketer easier.

Google keyword planner is a great tool to help you with keyword selection. It generates a list of high-frequency keywords you can use. It also generates low-frequency ones if you're targeting a niche clientele.

WordPress is the best content management system available. This allows you to look into a website's code with ease. WordPress also has a template ready for designing mobile-compatible websites.

Google AdWords help you if you aim to offer PPC services. This tool is easy to learn because of the number of tutorial videos available.

Another web tool you can use is Google Analytics. This tool helps you monitor the activity a website receives. You can use this to determine which pages have the least visitors or which ones are unresponsive.

Become an SEO Expert Today

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