The 10 Best Desk Chairs Worth Investing In

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jun 25, 2018

Jun 25, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

Using the wrong desk chair or having the wrong posture could lead to life-long back issues, neck issues or both. Unfortunately for your spine, the wrong chair and bad posture go hand in hand.

If you don't have an ergonomic desk chair, it's high time you got one. All of the best desk chairs on this list are under $150 and are worth every penny!

Think of all the money you'll save at the chiropractor. Start shopping below!

The Benefits

Spending the money on something you sit in every day doesn't seem exciting. Most are around or over the $100 price point, which seems like a lot for a chair.

However, you're worse off not spending the money. Working from a non-ergonomic chair can lead to medical costs, chiropractors, and massages.

Here's Why

Your posture needs support. Sitting at a desk eight hours a day can really mess up your shoulders, neck, and spine. This leads to work-day pain, pain during other activities and can become chronic.

It's important to avoid things like that for your future self and your work productivity.

A study in the 1990's found a 17.5% increase in productivity based off of ergonomic seating alone.

Imagine what more could get done if you were 17% better at work!

What to Look For

Now that you know you need an ergonomic chair, here's what to look for.

Lumbar Support

Your lumbar spine is your low back, which has a natural curve. Many of us mess up that curve by sitting in chairs that let us hunch over.

Chairs with lumbar support curve towards the front, forcing your back (gently) to follow its natural shape. You've probably had or seen co-workers with pillows behind their low backs, it's the same idea.

Height Adjustment

Your computer screen should be at eye-level, to reduce neck and eye strain. A nice ergonomic chair lets you adjust the seat height, as well as the armrests.

Some chairs even have the adjustable lumbar support that works in tandem with other adjuments.


You want the chair to roll. Not only so you can push back from your desk easily, but to minimize reaching for something on the far side of your desk.

Instead of reaching something and straining a back muscle, wheel over to it.

What seem like little motions, like reaching for something aren't bad once or twice a month, but you do them every day. Every day for five days a week for years? That's a lot of pain buildup.


Many desk chairs are leather because it fits in well with office decor and is easy to clean. That's not necessarily the best fabric for them though.

When you're sitting in something for eight hours a day, likely wearing synthetic fabric you want the chair to breathe.

No one likes getting sweaty and then going to a meeting, feeling self-conscious.

Mesh fabrics (even if synthetic) let air through and keep you cool.

The Best Desk Chairs

Now that you know what you need in a desk chair, here are ten highly-reviewed options from Amazon to choose from.

1. Amazon Basics Mid-Back Office Chair

This $65 starter chair has everything on our list above, minus the breathable fabric. For that price point though, it's something we're willing to forego.

It has lumbar support, a padded seat and back, and wheels. Everything you need as a starter chair if you have a low price point or don't sit that long at a time.

2. Amazon Basics Mid-Back Mesh Chair

This comfortable mesh office chair has everything the last chair had, with a little less padding. When you use mesh fabrics, you lose minor comfort, but it's all about preference.

The seat of this guy is a little less plush than its synthetic leather friend, but the breathability makes up for it. Users say it's not a huge deal, their seats didn't go numb no matter how long they sat.

It's a little lighter-weight, by about two pounds. For the same price, choose your fabric and you'll have chosen your chair!

3. Serta Style Hanna Office Chair

In the hundred dollars plus range, we have this microfiber black chair. The height is adjustable and it swivels along with wheeling.

The back of the chair is a perfect mid-upper back height for taller people, which is hard to find sometimes.

It's low on the lumbar support, though the shape lends some support. If you're looking for a chair made for support, this is not it.

The microfiber keeps skin cool and there's no skin-sticking in the hot months. It runs about $120, get it here.

4. Amazon Basics High Back Executive Chair

Maybe Amazon's chairs made this list so many times because Amazon's product creators read reviews, or they just have good taste.

Either way, this is our third Basics chair on this list. This winner has a tall back, the kind of chair you'd see in expensive boardrooms.

It's synthetic leather, but customers say it's comfortable and looks great.

Padded armrests, padded lumbar support, a plush seat and all adjustable chairs flush this baby out. It runs $110 and now, Amazon will find someone to put it together for you (for cost).

Grab this high-back for a low price here.

5. Flash Furniture High Back Mesh Executive Swivel Chair

This long name is a tall chair, with a headrest to match! It comes in a few fabric versions, but people are a fan of the all-mesh make.

If you have neck problems, think about this guy as an option. The neck support adjusts to three different levels, and the chair height adjusts as well.

It has a good amount of lumbar support, with a cage back and arms that tuck up towards the back of the chair.

Swivel base and wheels complete this four-star "Amazon's Choice". It'll run you about $110 and you can get it here.

6. Amazon Basics Low-Back Computer Chair

If you're a minimalist or like to sit in non-traditional ways (criss-cross applesauce anyone?) you'll love this cheap arm-less chair.

It's low on lumbar support but does have a slight curve when viewed from the side. If you don't have pre-existing back issues, it should be fine, but it's not for those looking for extra support.

The mesh fabric ads to its minimalistic look and keeps you cool while you work.

The best part? It'll only cost you $50, buy it here.

7. Amazon Basics Low-Back Task Chair

Amazon does it again! This non-specific computer or desk chair is great for people who need multiple uses. It has a tilt feature, for those of us who don't like to sit still while we work.

This is another good choice for people who different sitting positions since there aren't a lot of restrictions.

High padding lends to back support, but it's not a classic lumbar arch shape. Stay away from this guy if you need serious support

This versatile great choice comes in mesh fabric and runs you $55.

8. Flash Furniture Black Leather Executive Chair

If you don't want a chair that rolls, like if you have kids that get distracted or are buying for people with tip risks (like the elderly), this is a solid choice.

A very padded, four-legged choice with padding on the armrests, this looks like a chair you'd find in an expensive waiting room.

The back and seat are separated, so while it's not meshed, you get a little air flow to your low back.

As an extra perk, this chair is fire retardant and has a "waterfall seat edge" which puts less pressure on your legs.

The chair has a ruched pattern on the pads, which gives it a luxurious look for both beauty and function. Get it for $55!

9. Kneeling Chair

If your goal is to sit actively, look into a kneeling chair. Great for those who want to build their core strength and work their back muscles subtly while working them.

Kneeling chairs take pressure off the spinal chord and reduces related back pain.

These also build balance, since you're perched in a non-natural position, any small change is detectable.

There are people who never want to work from another chair again and those who switch their kneeling chair in and out with a classic version.

Get your first one here and see if a kneeling chair is for you.

10. Balance Ball

Balance ball chairs have come a long way from your garage balance ball you threw under the desk. They now come with armrests, backrests, rolling bases, and in different sizes.

These ball-chairs make you constantly adjust your posture, so your spine is never sitting still. The little adjustments you're forced to make burn more calories throughout the day.

Once you find your neutral spine position, your body will favor that and it'll become your default.

Amazon reviewers love this ball-chair, check it out.

Your New Chair

Finding a desk chair is sometimes hit and miss and if you're shopping online you can't try before you buy.

Thankfully, Amazon has a pretty good return policy, you're just out the time to put it together and take it apart.

If you have carpet in your house, you'll need a desk chair mat. These make your chairs roll easier and distribute weight more evenly. Look for high-quality ones like those from Eagle Mat & Floor Products.

If you're looking to move your workplace into a healthier space with the best desk chairs, learn about Corporate Wellness Benefits next!