The Top 8 Entry Level Marketing Jobs For College Graduates

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Oct 31, 2018

Oct 31, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

If you've recently graduated with a degree in marketing, you're already on the right track. Marketing jobs are growing 9 percent faster than the national average.

This increased job growth means you'll enjoy healthy job security. You'll also benefit from a good salary right out of the gate.

However, you need to choose which area of marketing you'll focus on. This is a diverse industry, which means there's plenty of opportunities to find something that suits your current talents.

To help you out, we're going over some of the best entry level marketing jobs waiting for you.

1. Sales Rep

If you're a people person and like the challenge of bringing in new clientele, consider becoming a sales representative.

As a sales rep, you'll need to fully understand a company's product and their target audience. You'll then maintain strong relationships and act as the face of an organization. Depending on your skills, you can either become an inside or outside sales rep.

An inside rep works out of a company office and handles the needs of existing clients. They work to resolve any issues regarding products and services and upsell customers who need additional work.

An outside sales rep visits current and prospective clients. They may also do some cold-calling in order to generate new business. This is a more competitive position and usually requires some travel.

2. Marketing Assistant

A marketing strategy involves a number of moving parts. Each component must come to together to support a singular goal.

Marketing assistants help marketing executives and managers implement strategies from the ground up. This is a great entry level marketing job for someone who wants to take on a number of different roles and tasks.

As a marketing assistant, you'll do everything from coordinating promotional events to preparing important conference materials. You'll also draft marketing content such as blog posts and press releases.

You'll stay on top of current online marketing trends. This role will also expose you to new tactics such as setting up a remarketing campaign.

3. Social Media Manager

Over the last decade, social media has become an integral part of marketing success. Companies who want to achieve maximum exposure need to have a strong presence on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

This requires a dedicated social media manager to implement and oversee a company's reputation. This is another great role for graduates wanting to get their foot in the door.

A social media manager must develop online brand awareness and manage the voice of a brand via social media sites. This requires constant engagement with followers as well as influencers.

This role demands great communication skills and an understanding of current social media trends.

4. PR Coordinator

A company's public image is critical to their continued success. A public relations coordinator helps maintain this image and works to resolve issues that may damage an organization's reputation.

This role involves event planning, drafting press releases, and working with media outlets. A coordinator also helps a company's upper-level executives with public speeches or statements.

Maintaining a company's image requires the oversite of social media campaigns. This could include creating new online strategies to help improve the perception of a brand in the consumers' eyes.

This position requires strong organizational skills and a willingness to form new relationships with media outlets.

5. Business Development Rep

If you're a self-starter and enjoy working independently, consider a job as a business development representative.

This role involves cross-selling to existing customers. The goal is to encourage the use of new products and increase revenue. A business development rep also helps generate new leads.

In addition to cross-selling, you'll develop email campaigns to help bring in new business. You'll also respond to questions regarding marketing campaigns and online advertisements.

This is a good position for graduates who have an interest in learning new software pertaining to products and services.

6. Marketing Analyst

In order to increase revenue, a company needs to understand how their products are received. They also need to understand how consumers perceive their brand.

A marketing analyst measures client satisfaction and determines if marketing campaigns are working or not. They do this through the use of surveys and other reporting data.

They also look at social and economic factors to find ways to boost revenue. This information goes to marketing directors to use while forming new marketing campaigns.

A marketing analyst role requires a passion for numbers and spotting trends. Graduates considering this position should have strong computer skills along with a knowledge of business writing.

7. Account Manager

Maintaining a healthy link between a marketing company and their clients is critical. This is where an account manager comes in.

A marketing account manager consults with clients about their campaign objectives. They also work with clients to form new strategies.

Account managers must ensure project goals are achieved on time and present marketing products to clients. This requires strong management skills and the ability to supervise a department.

In addition, an account manager must make presentations regarding new marketing ideas. They also oversee the financial scope of a project.

8. Inbound Marketer

Traditionally, companies used outbound marketing to bring in new business through the use of sales and advertising. Now, inbound marketing uses the internet to draw in customers.

Inbound marketing utilizes tools such as blogs, social media, and newsletters to attract new business. An inbound marketer must examine their target audience to determine the best medium.

This role requires knowledge of content marketing strategies. It's important for inbound marketers to understand search engine optimization (SEO) tactics.

In addition, a good inbound marketer has a passion for networking and enjoys studying analytics to discover consumer trends.

Find the Best Entry Level Marketing Jobs for You

If you've recently graduated with a marketing degree, there are plenty of opportunities waiting. Make sure you pick a role that suits your personality and abilities.

Consider this list of entry-level marketing jobs when choosing your career path.

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