How to Build a Career in Contracting: 5 Key Characteristics of Good Contractors

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Oct 19, 2018

Oct 19, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

Are you bored with your career and ready for a change? Good contractors make an average of $42,000 a year.

Before you jump in though, you need to make sure you will be successful in this industry. The best way to find out if you have what it takes is to talk to current contractors.

We did the work for you and reached out to a successful contractor to get the inside scoop. Diamond Decks Diamond Decks suggests you develop the following five characteristics.

1. Good References

In today's world of online reviews, you need to develop a good reputation both in person and online. Most clients will want some form of references before hiring you.

When you are starting out this can be tough. Start by asking your happy clients if you can use them as a reference for future potential clients.

As you build your business, ask those happy clients for an online review. This will encourage potential clients to reach out and contact you for work.

2. Network

To get new business you need to network. You can't be afraid to talk to new people and make connections.

You also need to network with subcontractors. These are the people you'll organize to do the actual work. For your clients to be happy, you need to have the best subcontractors on your team.

Having a strong subcontractor network will also save you time when you have a job. Instead of wasting time hunting and searching, you can reference your subcontractor network.

3. Reliable

If you promise that you are going to do something, then do it. If you say you are going to be somewhere, then be there.

Clients want to know that they can depend on you to get things done when you promise. This goes for the initial first consultation all the way through the project completion.

Your subcontractors will also want to know they can rely on your for timely payment.

4. Competitive Prices

You can be the best contractor in the world, but if people can't afford your services, you'll have no clients. You don't need to be the lowest price in town.

Do your research and see what other contractors in the market are charging. Then evaluate the service you have to offer compared to them. Then you can competitively price yourself.

5. Good Personality

People want to work with someone who is pleasant to be around. This goes for your clients, your employees, and your subcontractors.

When you have a good personality, people are more likely to go out of their way to help you out. This will make your contracting business more successful.

If clients find it hard to communicate with you, that will start to come out in your references. This will make finding new clients harder.

Good Contractors

To be a successful contractor you need to have a good personality. People need to feel like you are reliable.

When you have these two qualities it makes networking and building positive references easier. It isn't all about you though.

Good contractors make sure they understand the business so they can price their services correctly.

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