The Top 10 Best eCommerce Companies to Work for In 2018

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Oct 17, 2018

Oct 17, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

Growth rates in ecommerce jobs have outstripped any other industry. Ecommerce jobs in Amazon reached 300,000 people quicker than any company ever in the history of the U.S.A. That includes General Motors.

Choosing the right ecommerce job to meet your career aspirations means focusing on a few companies. Read on for a tour of the top 10 best ecommerce companies to work for.

Ecommerce Companies

Choosing the best ecommerce company to work for starts with being clear about what you want from your job. If starting salary is important to you, then you may favor a very different company than someone who is looking for ethical practices.

To get an insight into the industry you can read more.

Customize your resume to reflect you interest in ecommerce and the specific business you are applying to. For now, here's a mix of ecommerce business employers with lots to offer.

1. Amazon

Amazon may not be the first choice for everybody, but you can't ignore the biggest ecommerce business in the world. Working at Amazon means being part of one of the most customer-centric and innovative businesses. They innovate products and technologies and have the scope to try lots of new things.

Amazon is a diverse business, so jobs include corporate executive, technology guru, and warehouse operative. Each of these roles is going to have a different experience. If you want to be where the ecommerce world is most intense and successful, give Amazon a try.

2. Apple

Like Amazon, Apple has to be in any review of employers in the ecommerce space. They invent entire industries, never mind products and services. If you want to be at the front line of innovation in the ecommerce space, Apple is for you.

LinkedIn's list of most sought-after companies to work for has Apple in sixth place. Among the employee benefits that Apple offers is to freeze eggs for employees who would like to delay becoming a parent. They also give a 25% employee discount on your iPhone.

3. H.E.B.

You may not have heard of H.E.B. They are a privately-owned supermarket chain hailing from San Antonio, Texas. They have more than 350 stores in Texas and Mexico.

They also own Central Market, which is an upmarket organic and quality food retail business. They own an ecommerce business called Favor Delivery as well as offering H.E.B. shopping online through listed H.E.B. in the top 20 places to work in 2018. They beat every other retail business in this annual list. People love to work there.


The largest online seller of blinds and other window treatments in the world is worth considering for a career in ecommerce. They are still a small team but get ready for big things. They have recently merged with the mighty Home Depot and are set for growth.

The work environment is different. They have a nap room, meeting spaces for collaborative working, and massive lava lamps around the office. If room to grow and a funky office does it for you, give them a go.

5. SLI Systems

SLI Systems is a leader in improving customer search experiences. With clients like Jelly Belly and Sports Authority, they are growing steadily. Working with SLI Systems means being involved with innovative ecommerce solutions.

SLI Systems growth opportunity means that employees getting involved now can reap the rewards when they become massive.

6. Fishbowl

Fishbowl is an online platform for restaurants to market themselves. They have both big clients and small. If you care about restaurants and food, Fishbowl is the ecommerce employer for you.

They are still small but growing fast. Be in on the start of something big. Great restaurants and technology sound like a recipe for success.

7. Best Buy

With sales in excess of $9 million and rising and great customer satisfaction ratings compared to other appliance retailers, Best Buy is getting something right. Many Best Buy stores employ young people during their college years who enjoy the product and flexible working opportunities. For some, a move into full-time employment in ecommerce is the right move.

8. Google

Google can't be left out of any list of amazing companies to work for. They consistently appear in the top few places of best places to work anywhere, never mind tech or ecommerce. Don't discount them before considering the range of options within Google's empire.

They have so many fingers in so many pies that there could easily be a place for you. It can feel massively corporate or excitingly start-up-like depending on what you are doing. You'll be joining some very bright people and sharing some great salaries and benefits packages.

9. Wegmans Food Markets

At Wegmans Food Markets, 94% of employees say they have a great workplace. This Rochester, New York-based food retailer prides itself on being ranked number 2 in the "100 Best Companies to Work For" list. They are privately-owned and the current chairman is a grandson of a co-founder.

If ethics in business are important to you, the fact that they discontinued selling tobacco products because of the negative impact on their customer's health might interest you. Their ecommerce home delivery service is a collaboration with Instacart. Lots of opportunities to grow this side of the business.

10. Salesforce

Salesforce is the number 1 "Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For" in 2018. It consistently comes out strong in rankings and in LinkedIn top companies to work at reports.

Salesforce has an extensive range of services. They cover sales, marketing, analytics and more. They are best known for their customer relationship management application.

Their headquarters are in San Francisco, but they have regional offices all over the world. They claim that they offer meaningful work and a strong culture they call "ohana". They take care of each other, have fun, and promote collaborative working.

Make Your Choice

Large or small. New or established. The choice is yours.

Working in ecommerce companies can mean a tech job, but it could just as likely be as an accountant or receptionist. Do your research well and you could find just the right job and company for you.

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