Why Asbestos Insulation Removal Is A Fascinating Career Choice

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Nov 2, 2018

Nov 2, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

Asbestos has been a pain in humanity's neck for too long now. And despite our best efforts, the problem isn't going away. According to the CDC, the number of reported asbestos-related medical problems increased between 1999 and 2015.

This increase is tragic for the people who fall victim to these medical issues. But there's a bit of good news hiding here:

There's an entire segment of our population that's dedicated to asbestos insulation removal. And because of their work, the number of asbestos-related incidents could decrease one day soon.

Never heard of an asbestos insulation worker? Well, you're not alone. Here are a few fascinating facts about this career choice:

Asbestos Insulation Workers Are Experts at Removing Asbestos

As you might have guessed, asbestos insulation workers are pros at removing asbestos from buildings. They're trained to recognize the safest, most efficient ways of doing so.

But taking up job isn't like learning any other trade.

In fact, much of the job can play out in an office setting. Asbestos insulation workers must, for example, understand math and how to use spreadsheet software. They're also responsible for troubleshooting certain tasks.

All in all, their job tasks make for interesting--and unexpected--workdays. That's just one reason you should consider taking up a job in the field.

Asbestos Insulation Removal Pays Surprisingly Well...

This might be somewhat surprising, but asbestos insulation removal pays pretty well. In 2015, the career's median salary was almost $40,000--which is not bad for a job which requires minimal education.

And there could be some good news ahead for the profession.

In August 2018, the EPA announced that it would be strengthening asbestos regulation. The agency's decision suggests that there is still a strong need for work in this field. And even if there isn't a strong need for work, the EPA's announcement likely won't hurt the industry.

And You Don't Need a College Degree To Do It

One of the best things about trades and other similar jobs is that they don't require that you have a college degree. If you're looking for a job in this field, the only thing you'll need is a high school diploma. And anyone who doesn't have a diploma can get a GED.

Of course, you'll still need many of the skills we mentioned earlier. You'll need to be proficient with certain software and have decent math ability.

Bonus: Asbestos Removal Jobs Require Minimal Training

As if the fact that you don't need a college degree isn't enough of a bonus, here's another:

Asbestos removal jobs require little formal training.

The only formal training that comes with the job is a hazardous materials course (followed by obtaining a license). This test's standards are different from state to state. All potential workers must pass this course in order to secure jobs in this industry.

Interested in learning more about this profession? You can find out more about asbestos removal jobs if you click on the link we've provided.

Considering Becoming an Asbestos Worker?

Hopefully, we've helped you discover a new career path today. Fortunately, asbestos insulation removal isn't so technical that you'll need a decade of higher education.

So you can land that job today if you really want to.

As a matter of fact, you can make your job search a bit easier by creating a job alert. We'll help you be the first one to know about openings in your field of choice.