How to Have a Successful Start in the Music Industry

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Nov 2, 2018

Nov 2, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

Are you tired of working at your boring office job day in and day out? Wouldn't you rather have a career revolving around one of your passions? If you're passionate about music at all, you'll be happy to know that working in that industry might be easier than you think.

The music industry is vast and diverse throughout the United States. In fact, statistics show that in 2016 alone, the country as a whole generated about $17.2 billion, all thanks to music! It's clear that if you're ready to jump into this new line of work, there are all kinds of things you can do.

Still, you might not know exactly where to start when entering the world of music. There can be a lot of ins and outs to navigate before landing a worthwhile position. The good news is that you've come to the right place by reading this article.

Start by Taking Some Serious Time for Reflection

Switching to an entirely new career is no laughing matter. You have to take it seriously if you want it to be successful at all - especially within the music industry. There's going to be a lot of competition out there, so you need to get in the right mindset.

Before you charge down your new career path, it's a good idea to get centered. Many people find that taking a vacation is essential before switching careers. It can be a great time to reflect, meditate, and prepare yourself for a completely different lifestyle.

In the first place, such a time for reflection will allow you to reorient your direction in life and the mindset to take you there. Second, there's never a bad reason to take a vacation!

Set Some Goals, but Stay Flexible

Once you've taken some time for your personal wellness, it's time to start planning. You need to have some attainable goals that you can strive for. It's up to you to know what those goals will look like.

For example, if you're wanting to become a professional guitar player, give yourself a certain amount of time to join a band. Even if it's a small band at first, having immediate goals helps anyone take steps toward their long-term goals (like playing guitar in a popular band).

Remember, though, that it's impossible to plan for all the small details. If you have certain goals in mind, you should definitely work towards them. Keep in mind that it might just not work out exactly as you expected -- don't let that worry you, though!

Understand the Vastness of the Music Industry

As mentioned above, the music industry throughout the United States is huge. As a musical professional, there are going to be all kinds of opportunities for work. Still, they might not all be glamorous - especially in the beginning.

People who understand that accept that they need to start small when it comes to getting gigs. This company, for example, knows that musicians are needed for all kinds of things -- even just to play at weddings. That is one reason why it can be crucial to remember the importance of networking.

Network Online and Offline

Once you understand what you're getting into within the music industry, you definitely need to network. It's simply impossible to get anywhere in that industry unless you know people like event planners, club managers, and even other musicians.

It's a great idea to get involved in your local music community. Go to local shows, and be willing to introduce yourself to the musicians after they play. If they remember you and your musical skills, they might call on you someday.

You should also invest some time (and perhaps money) into developing your online presence. In fact, every beginner music professional should have a website displaying their skills and availability for work.

If that seems like too much for you, you should at least have social media accounts up and running. In other words, people who want to hire you should be able to find you somewhere.

Continue to Improve Your Craft

Since the music industry is so large, there's going to be a lot of competition for you. This isn't going to change if you eventually "make it big."

That's why it can be essential for successful musicians to always be willing to learn more. In other words, never get complacent. There's always going to be someone ready and willing to take your popularity away from you.

Fight complacency by continuing to improve your craft, whatever it is. Even if that means taking lessons from someone more advanced than you, make sure you're humble enough to consider it. You deserve to be the best you can be, but that means you need to work at it.

Consider Your Music Career an Investment

The music industry is going to be tough on you. There's simply no way of avoiding that. If you're serious about your craft, though, you'll prove to yourself and to others that you're dedicated to making it work.

That means you need to remember your personal self-care and wellness at all times. Sure, the musician's lifestyle can be hectic. It might not be easy to form a regular sleeping habit, for example.

Still, your mental and physical health conditions are your top assets in this new field. You need to be able to play well, after all.

Even if you get caught up in your new lifestyle, don't forget to try and eat well, exercise plenty, and maintain emotional stability. When you work as a musician, you are your money-making business venture. Consider yourself, and your new career, an investment you need to take care of.

Find Your New Music-Related Job Today

By the end of this article, you should feel fairly comfortable about your new career venture. You deserve to have all the information you can get before you jump into the music industry.

If you're prepared to take the leap, we're here to help. We encourage you to search through our vast job opportunities today. In no time, you'll be the musical professional you've been dreaming of becoming.