The Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Colorado As of 2018

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Nov 1, 2018

Nov 1, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

Are you looking for a career in The Centennial State and want to know what pays the best?

You might be surprised at some of the careers uncovered in our top-10 list of highest paying jobs in Colorado. And even if your job doesn't make the cut, we have some excellent news for anyone wishing to enjoy Colorado's many splendors as a new resident.

Ready to see if your career choice makes the top 10?

The Highest Paying Jobs in Colorado

Using updated data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we uncovered the top-paying careers in Colorado.

And if you're disheartened that your job doesn't hit the list, don't be. Colorado is brimming with opportunities, and interest prices on real estate are remaining steady.

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1. Obstetricians and Gynecologists

At the top of our list is one that might surprise you. No, it's not a surgeon (although that answer is half right). It's an OB/GYN.

In Colorado, obstetricians and gynecologists make an annual mean wage of $277,770 per year and a mean hourly wage of $133.55.

These individuals specialize in reproductive health and care for females during pregnancy. And if you're wondering what the difference between the two is, gynecologists aid in anything concerning women's health issues while obstetricians limit their study to childbirth and pregnancy.

2. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

Up next on the pay scale are oral and maxillofacial surgeons, who make a whopping $269,490 annually.

Don't be fooled by the name; these surgeons do more than pull teeth. They are highly trained to diagnose and treat disorders that affect the skeleton, face, and mouth.

Consequently, they are schooled in dentistry and medicine, making them valuable assets when those wisdom teeth become impacted.

3. Anesthesiologists

Since the jobs in healthcare are growing at an astounding rate, it should be no surprise that number three is yet another medical-related position.

Anesthesiologists ranked third on our top-ten list. They make a mean annual wage of $261,920 and $125.92 hourly.

Anesthesiologists are responsible for a patient's care prior to, during and after surgery. These are the men and women who "put us under" and make sure we don't feel a thing during surgery.

4. Physicians and Surgeons

In general, physicians and surgeons made approximately $253,000 a year in The Centennial State.

Treating broken bones, diseases and other illnesses is a costly endeavor that requires years of training, but the pay once a license is established is excellent. Consequently, this position ranks as number four in Colorado's highest paying jobs.

5. Orthodontists

Coloradans care about those pearly whites, which may be why both orthodontists and oral surgeons make our top-ten list.

Orthodontists make a mean wage of $114.93 per hour.

These professionals focus on diagnosing and fixing teeth, overbites, and other dental or facial irregularities. If you like teeth, Colorado may be the perfect place to find a new home.

6. Psychiatrists

The importance of the mind can't be forgotten. Anyone interested in psychology can live splendidly in Colorado. There, the average mean salary is $235,450. That annual pay is even higher than the national mean salary, which rings in at about $216,000.

From aiding individuals suffering from substance abuse to helping children in schools, psychiatrists have several options for career paths. As a result, individuals can apply their field to something else they are passionate about.

7. Family Physicians

Interested in practicing family medicine? You're in luck.

Family and general practitioners rank seventh on our list of the best paying jobs in The Centennial State.

These practitioners are the doctors we see when we have that relentless cough or when our kids come down with the flu. They diagnose and treat illnesses that affect the general population.

In Colorado, the annual mean wage for a family practitioner is $222,240.

8. Pilots

Interestingly, pilots and flight engineers also made the top-ten list. Labeled as "airline pilots, copilots and flight engineers" by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these positions encompass practically anything to do with flying a plane.

It includes instructors, regional pilots, international flight engineers and more.

Currently, Colorado has one of the highest concentration of jobs for this sector among the states. If you're ready for take-off or you dream of getting that pilot license, it may be time to move.

9. Internists

If you've ever wondered why there is a practice for physicians wishing to help children but not one specifically for adults, here's your answer: there is one.

Internists are "specialty-trained to treat adults from 18 years old through the geriatric years." While pediatricians focus on illnesses and issues common among children, internists study the problems that plague adults.

The March 2018 update on the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates general internists make a mean annual wage of $206,490.

10. Chief Executives

Last on our top-ten are chief executives, the bigwigs of companies. Often called CEOs, chief executives are in charge of overseeing a business. Typically, CEOs make important corporate decisions and communicate with the company's board of directors.

In Colorado, these executives have a mean annual wage of $205,130 per year.

Beyond the Top 10

But the medical field isn't the only sector booming within Colorado. Closely following these ten are engineers, managers across a broad range of sectors, judges, lawyers and more.

At the end of last year, Colorado was seeing a high demand for positions in sales, supervising, customer relations and IT. Truck drivers and nurses were in especially high demand.

Even better, the forecast for this year looks great. Although Colorado's population growth is slowing, it remains a competitive state for recruiting employees.

Furthermore, every major sector is expected to see more job opportunities for those interested in moving to The Centennial State. If you've been considering a move, now is a great time to start searching for a career.

Ready to Move?

From healthcare to sales to IT, Colorado has something for everyone. And even if your position isn't listed on the top ten highest paying jobs in Colorado, the healthy economy is sure to provide.

And here's a hint: you don't have to obtain an expensive degree to land a nice-paying job. Read all about some of the greatest places to become a real estate agent here.

Spoiler alert: Denver is one of them.