How to Be a Successful Personal Trainer: 5 Pro Tips

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Oct 30, 2018

Oct 30, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

The number of personal trainers is continuing to rise meaning the competition and skills needed to keep clients is higher than ever.

Knowing how to be a successful personal trainer involves as much discipline and dedication as you give to your own fitness regime.

Read on for five pro tips that will help you keep your clients happy.

1. Keep Learning How to be a Successful Personal Trainer

While there are some golden rules to personal training that never change, new exercise techniques, diets, and research are constantly emerging every day.

As a personal trainer, it is essential to always read up on the latest information and trends so you're never caught off guard.

For example, you should consistently check research publications and professional journals. They are a fantastic source for finding out about new discoveries linked to our biology and how certain foods and exercises shape us

From there, you must be reading the same online blogs and fitness magazines as your clients to see what new fads are happening.

Imagine if a client tells you they want to try a new fitness workout or diet. You will know what they are talking about and have knowledge of official publications and journals relating to it.

Most of the time, the information is skewed, sensationalized or just wrong, and being able to tell them so and why will prove your expertise on the subject.

The more knowledgeable you are, the more clients will respect you, trust you, and turn to you for information.

2. Be Adaptable but Firm

When you have multiple clients, it can be difficult to manage all their schedules and needs especially as many will need to cancel or reschedule as time goes on.

In these instances, it is essential that you have safeguards in place to ensure you don't lose time or money.

For example, if you have a 24-hour cancellation policy, then you need to be upfront about it with new clients from the start and continue to remind them after sessions. If they still try and cancel last-minute, it is important that you enforce the policy and still get paid.

The more lenient you are, the more likely clients will start to take advantage and not respect your time. Of course, if the cancellation is due to the death of a loved one or something extreme you can obviously make exceptions, just use your best judgment every time.

It is very hard to find a balance between what's right for your clients and what's right for you. However, it is ultimately your business and you need to make decisions that will ensure you can keep doing what you love.

3. Ignore Your Own Training Methods

Every single client will have a different body, different goals, and even different past injuries.

Just because a certain training method or diet worked for you is no reason to assume it will work for them. As mentioned above, learn about the different exercises and diets available so that you can create a truly tailored programme every time.

4. Give Your Clients Extra Tasks

You are paid for results, and a one-hour training session a week with you won't make up for a client's entire week of unhealthy eating and habits.

That's why you should always give them things to do between each session.

For example, they can keep a food journal (remind them to be honest and not worry about judgment) or do a few light exercises every morning.

The idea is to build a habit of exercise and being continually aware of what they are eating. If you can change their habits and mentality to diet and fitness, they will definitely get the results they are paying you for.

5. Work on Building Strong Relationships

Ultimately, your business will thrive on the results and relationships you build with your clients.

Once you have a good rapport with someone, never be afraid to ask if they could refer you to their friends or people in their network.

Word of mouth is the single best way to gain clients and you never know which client knows other people who would like your help.

Keep at It

Learning how to be a successful personal trainer takes time and experience, but as long as you continue to adapt and build relationships you can be successful.

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