How to Get a Job in the Salon of Your Dreams (Even if They Aren't Hiring)

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Oct 18, 2018

Oct 18, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

You've spent years training to become a hairdresser, and now that you've gotten your cosmetology license, it's time to find the job of your dreams.

This could be easier said than done. With little real-world experience, you may have trouble landing a job in a great salon.

But it's definitely possible to get hired at a dream salon job, even if they aren't actively hiring. By following this guide, you'll be well on your way to starting off your career at a salon you've always dreamed of working at.

Here are some tips to help you achieve your salon goals!

Create a Killer Resume and Portfolio

The first thing any potential employer will see when you apply for a job is your resume. If you have a poorly organized resume and portfolio, you'll have no chance of even landing an interview.

You can create a great resume even without a ton of career experience. Make sure the outline makes sense and you include all of your schooling and certifications.

For your portfolio, you should have a variety of photos of your best work in your portfolio. Show off how diverse you can be, and your attention to detail.

Try not to overstuff your portfolio with similar work you've done. For example, include only the best photos you have so your dream salon can see your potential.

Do Your Research

Before you head into the interview, you should do as much research about the salon as you can. If you know the history of the salon and what their goals are, you will make a great impression at your interview.

While doing research, come up with quality questions you can ask at the interview. Asking questions shows employers that you've spent a lot of time thinking about your future at the salon and that you really care.

This is where you can really set yourself apart from other applicants, and make the salon feel as though you'd be a wonderful addition to the salon team even if they aren't actively hiring.

Learn more here about what salon employers look for in potential employees so you can be ahead of the competition.

Dress for Success

When you land an interview at your dream salon, you need to give them an incredible first impression.

The first thing the interviewers will notice is how you're dressed. Dress for success so they can see how professional you are and how much you care about the job interview. And of course, have your hair and nails looking great for the interview.

Go Land Your Dream Salon Job!

It's important to understand that even if you do all of the tips in this guide, sometimes salons just can't afford to hire anyone. And that's okay! Find another dream salon job to apply for, because there are tons out there.

By creating a great resume and portfolio, doing your research, and dressing for success, you'll be sure to land a job at a great salon.

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