Oceanic Occupations: 9 Awesome Scuba Diving Jobs

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Oct 18, 2018

Oct 18, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

How about a job that relieves stress rather than creates it? Does that sound too good to be true?

Well, it turns out that swimming can help relieve stress. Exercise, in general, relieves stress by promoting the production of endorphins in the body. Plus, being in the water helps relieve tension and stress according to 74% of surveyed swimmers.

Thus, if you can find a way to get paid for being in the water you can live with less stress than your office worker counterparts. Here are 9 awesome scuba diving jobs to give you some ideas.

1. Underwater Photography

Are you a photographer/videographer or are you interested in the field? Why not take it to the next level and shoot photos and footage underwater?

There is so much to photograph or video in the underwater world. You could be taking breathtaking shots of nature. Or you could work with underwater models to shoot creative photos.

You could even work in Hollywood! Those movies with underwater footage need professional videographers that can scuba dive.

2. Underwater Biologist/Zoologist

Do you love studying sea life? The plants and animals found under the ocean waves are completely different than what we find on the surface. And much of what's down there remains a mystery.

Nearly 230,000 species of underwater life have been identified. But many estimate that we've barely scratched the surface. There could be as many as 2 million more species yet to be discovered.

To further explore the underwater world, the need for scuba diving biologists and zoologists is evident. You could be one of them!

3. Underwater Archaeologist

Your passion may lie with understanding history rather than understanding animals. In that case, you may want to look into underwater archaeology.

You can spend your days floating amongst shipwrecks or collecting data from old underwater cities. This is a fantastic way to satisfy your natural curiosity and spend your days scuba diving.

4. Tour Guides

What if you love animals and exploring but don't want to do all the science stuff? Then you could be an underwater tour guide instead.

Just as with tour guides on land, there are many different things you could show off. Regardless, you'll get to teach people about some aspect of the underwater world and spend your time down there too.

You could work in one location, or you could work on a cruise ship. Touring both the world and the underwater world sounds like a great idea if you're suited to lots of travel.

5. Aquarium Diver

Aquariums need divers for a variety of tasks. A not-so-glamorous but constant need is for divers to clean those giant fish tanks.

However, glorified janitors are not the only thing they need. They also need people to work with and train the animals, as well as feed and take care of them. Working in an aquarium can be so much fun because you'll take part in a variety of interesting tasks both in and out of the water.

6. Police Diver

Do you love a good mystery novel? Maybe you can put that need to resolve enigmas to work by becoming a police diver.

Police divers are needed for a variety of tasks. You may perform rescue work or collect underwater evidence.

For this type of work, you need to be a detail-oriented person. Many times after completing a dive you will have to fill out a detailed report on what happened or what you found while underwater.

7. Hazmat Diver

Are you a person who loves living on the edge? If you're thinking about a career underwater you probably have some adventurous bones in your body. If you want to step things up a notch you can take on a career as a hazardous materials diver.

You might deal with some nasty stuff sometimes, like spilled oil, sewage or even radioactive materials. But you can get a thrill knowing you are doing important, albeit dangerous work.

Everybody who dives needs to know how to care for their scuba suit. You can find more info on conventional wetsuit care here.

Hazmat workers' suits, however, are on a whole other level. Their suits are fully sealed and pressurized to ensure the diver's safety at all times.

Since the work is dangerous and not entirely pleasant, hazmat divers make a nice wage. It can be a good job to do for a few years while you build up a nest egg.

8. Marine Contractor

Marine contractors basically perform construction or demolition work, but underwater. The demand for them will probably only increase as bridges, tunnels, and other underwater structures are being built all over the world.

Do you enjoy working with your hands but think land construction jobs are a drudgery? Maybe you'd be a good fit for working construction underwater.

9. Diving Instructor

Everybody that works in the other fields we've mentioned here needs to learn how to scuba dive. That's where diving instructors come in.

Most instructors will have worked or have certifications in a scuba diving field. Then they can pass on their knowledge to other folks interested in working underwater.

This is a great job for you if you enjoy teaching, working with others, and, of course, spending time underwater.

Are Scuba Diving Jobs for You?

What do you think? Do any of these scuba diving jobs appeal to you? Do you feel like a fish out of water in an office or other land-based jobs? One of these underwater careers might be the perfect job for you.

Of course, this list only scratches the surface of what's available once you learn how to dive. Even if you don't know exactly what you want to do, start working on your certifications. Then, when the right opportunity comes along, you'll be ready for it.

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