5 Entry-Level Promotional Marketing Jobs You Can Get Without Experience

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Oct 17, 2018

Oct 17, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

As of 2016, there were 249,000 jobs in the advertising, marketing, and promotions industry. The job outlook is set to increase by 10% by 2026, which is faster than average.

The median salary for a marketing manager was $132,230 in 2017, and the median salary for an advertising and promotions manager was $106,130.

Are you a recent college grad or soon to be college grad looking to break into the marketing industry? Luckily, there are plenty of entry-level marketing jobs out there. In fact, there are marketing jobs that you can get without experience required.

Want to learn more? Read on to learn about five promotional marketing jobs you can get without experience.

1. Marketing Coordinator

Average Annual Salary: $55,076

What Does a Marketing Coordinator Do?

A marketing coordinator develops and implements promotional marketing campaigns. They set up meetings and discuss their long-term marketing plans for the company.

A marketing coordinator also keeps track of their marketing plan by analyzing and reporting on sales data. This sales data includes information such as sales forecasts, trends in the market, and product data.

A person with this job will also be in charge of promotional materials inventory. They might plan and attend trade show events and conferences. They may also order all the necessary promotional items and plan for company giveaways.

For example, you may see the work of a marketing coordinator when you attend trade shows and get free promotional items like pens, tote bags, or lanyards. A marketing coordinator would know that, according to LanyardsUSA, a promotional item should be practical and should serve a purpose. A coordinator might do further research to decide which promotional item to use.

2. Sales & Marketing Representative

Average Annual Salary: $56,766

What Does a Sales & Marketing Representative Do?

A sales and marketing representative sells products and services to consumers. A representative should understand a customer's needs and show them how a particular product could help make their life easier.

There are two types of sales representatives: outside sales and inside sales.

Outside Sales Representative

An outside sales representative will usually travel to clients to sell products and services. An individual with this position should be outgoing and must maintain a friendly relationship with clients.

Inside Sales Representative

On the other hand, an inside sales representative usually works from inside an office. They may make cold calls or run email campaigns to get new clients. They also maintain current accounts and are usually the main contact between the client and their company.

Inside sales reps ensure that the client is happy with their current products and services. They may also keep clients updated about any new products.

3. Public Relations Representative

Average Annual Salary: $60,474

What Does a Public Relations Representative Do?

A public relations representative works on the relationship between a business and its customers. They help maintain a positive company image. They may plan events such as fundraisers or community projects.

A public relations representative may also help create press releases or fact sheets about the company to hand out. They may prepare speeches for company officials to make.

A public relations representative helps increase the chances of a successful promotional marketing campaign by building a relationship and trust between a company and its customers. They can do this by working with the sales team to improve communication methods. They may also help the marketing team in promoting the company brand.

A representative understands the company brand and message. They may also advise the company on what type of information to share to the public.

4. Marketing Analyst

Average Annual Salary: $71,730

What Does a Marketing Analyst Do?

A marketing analyst conducts research and gathers data to help a company with its marketing strategies. They implement research with surveys, polls, or questionnaires.

An analyst can send out surveys through email or regular mail. They can also make phone calls or conduct focus groups to gather data.

They would then put together their gathered info into a report and present it to their managers. The objective would be to increase company profits by learning better ways to market products and services

A marketing analyst aims to find out what customers are looking for in products and services. They can do this by learning about the competition and trends.

An analyst may also assist in creating marketing promotional items such as brochures and advertisements.

5. Social Media Specialist

Average Annual Salary: $57,591

What Does a Social Media Specialist Do?

Social media specialists are the promotional marketing voice of the online world. A social media specialist may manage the company accounts of major social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or even Pinterest. A specialist understands that each platform has its own voice and purpose.

A social media specialist assists in the company's marketing through social media campaigns. They maintain a regular schedule of relevant posts and content creation.

A specialist creates an online community around their business. They increase follower numbers. They engage with customers online.

A social media specialist may also run promotions and contests through social media platforms.

With this position, you have to become the voice of the company. You build their brand and promote their company.

You must also have great written communication skills. You should know what steps to take, for example, if the company receives negative feedback through social media.

Tips for Snagging These Promotional Marketing Jobs

When deciding which promotional marketing jobs to apply for, you should assess your strengths and weaknesses.

For instance, if you hate small-talk and prefer to work independently or within a small team, then a sales & marketing representative job may not ideal for you. However, you may enjoy a social media specialist role.

On the other hand, if you thrive in social settings and love to make new friends, then you can highlight your communication skills when creating your resume or writing a cover letter for a sales & marketing representative job.

A career in marketing can be exciting, always changing, and allows you to use your voice to make a difference.

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