5 General Manager Skills You Need to Run a Grocery Store

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Oct 17, 2018

Oct 17, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

Everyone, even CEOs and freelance workers, has someone managing or overseeing their work. Whether that's a manager or a board, meeting and exceeding their expectations can mean keeping your job or even advancing through the ranks.

But while most people understand what they need to do to impress their boss, not everyone realizes how much work and skill goes into being a manager.

If you're interested in starting a career as a general manager or are approaching a promotion, keep reading. We're bringing you 5 key general manager skills you need to run a grocery store.

1. Communication

The most important of all general manager responsibilities is learning how to communicate, as well as how to help others communicate more effectively.

Effective communication starts with engaged listening. Whether you're talking with a customer or an employee, listening to their side of the story or to their questions, making eye contact, and trying to see the problem from their point of view will help you respond appropriately.

2. Attention to Detail

Being a general manager is about more than just correcting employees or creating a work schedule.

It's also about leading by example. If you're only ever worried about the big picture, it can be easy to come across as lazy to your employees and customers.

That's why it's so important for general managers to develop an acute attention to detail.

Put time into perfecting the small details of a display, such as coordinating colors or adding decorative elements. Give your employees helpful advice for correcting the problem in the future rather than just calling them out on it.

Demonstrating that you care about the small details that make up your job will help you come across as professional and committed to your job.

3. Superior Customer Service

If you want your employees to offer great customer service, you need to lead by example.

Going the extra mile to make sure that your customer is satisfied will help you stand out as an exceptional manager.

After all, one of the key responsibilities of a general manager is to help a store run properly. If customers aren't happy, they are unlikely to come back or to brag to their friends about their great experience.

4. Basic IT

If you can't use the computers and other technology in use at your store, you can't help your employees when a problem arises.

Even if you think you won't use the tech, take the time to learn how to operate it correctly. Basic tech skills are extremely important, yet many managers lack these skills.

5. Learn Effective Management Strategies

Besides the management basics like communication and attention to detail, it's also a good idea to learn advanced management strategies.

Category management is one such example. Using this strategy will help you better serve not only your employees but your customers as well.

General Manager Skills You Need for Success

Learning how to communicate better and basic IT skills, developing management strategies, delivering superior customer service, and paying attention to the details are all important general manager skills.

But if you aren't dressing for the part, even these skills won't help you gain the respect you deserve. Check out these tips to learn how to dress for your position.