4 Profitable Forex Trader Jobs (And How to Excel at Them)

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Oct 15, 2018

Oct 15, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

I'm sure you've seen Wall Street a dozen times. Heck, you've probably seen Wolf of Wall Street a dozen more. You know that riches await you in the world of finance.

The only question now is how to get them. Sure, you could day trade. That's how Belfort and Gecko hit it big.

The truth is, though, you'd have better luck playing the slots at Vegas. Day traders suffer more losses than gains, even on the best days.

Why not go for something with less risk? There are plenty of forex trader jobs out there, offering steady paychecks along with the thrill of forex trading.

And we're going to show you four of them. Plus, we'll give you some insight on how to excel at each one.

1. Forex Market Analyst

Market analysts, sometimes called currency researchers, write forex market commentary for brokerage firms. They base it on extensive research into the marketplace.

They also establish a media presence for their firm, promoting its brand by becoming a reliable source of forex information. They usually make above $80,000 per year, depending on the company, with some analysts making upward of six figures.

The salary sounds nice, I know, but it doesn't come easy. You have to produce content fast. After all, traders use your information to make decisions.

A bit of trade experience and writing talent will get you far in this position.

2. Forex Software Developer

Any techies out there with a love of finance? This one's for you.

You'll develop trading platforms for your firm. They'll enable clients to trade online, have access to pricing and data charts, and analyze forex signals for future trades.

Firms make or break themselves on the backs of software. For them, a skilled software developer is a treasure. You can make yourself more valuable with trade experience.

It's not a requirement, but it will give you greater insight into what clients want. You can then make even better software.

3. Forex Industry Regulator

Want to make sure everyone plays by the rules? Pay attention to this one.

Regulators work to prevent fraud. They set standards, fraud alerts, and have a presence in trading markets around the world.

In the U.S., the government regulates forex trading through the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). There's also the National Futures Association (NFA) that operates in the private sector.

Legal experience will help you here, especially if you know financial law. Being multilingual will also give you a greater range of jobs to choose from.

4. Forex Account Manager

In this position, you are a professional trader. Here, you make decisions for the big guys: hedge funds and banks. You can also trade on behalf of individual clients.

No other job has higher stakes. To make it, you need confidence in your trading ability backed with plenty of success. You'll risk large sums of other people's money, putting your reputation on the line as well.

Where to Find Forex Trader Jobs and More

Forex trader jobs allow you to make a steady paycheck and still feel the thrill of trading. It takes work and experience to do well, but the rewards make it worthwhile.

But maybe forex trading isn't for you. Maybe you want to be a plumber or an interior decorator.

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