What is a Press Kit? Everything You Need to Know to Market Your Business to Potential Employees

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Oct 12, 2018

Oct 12, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

It's a commonly cited statistic that 80% of all businesses flounder within the first few years of operation. It's a sad fact, in all honesty. Business owners pour their hearts and souls into their work, and to see that dream dwindle can be heartbreaking.

However, you can learn from their struggle and use it for your success. Many of these businesses shut down due to poor marketing or a lack of awareness from potential employees.

You have the business prowess down, now it's time for some public relations 101.

Ever wondered what is a press kit? Read on to find out.

What Is A Press Kit?

Also known as media kits, a press kit is a collection of materials designed to educate and inform an audience on a given topic. In this case, you're looking to inform local outlets about your business in hopes of gaining new employees.

It's a common misconception that press kits are the same thing as a press release. On the contrary, a press release is a simple, one-page document that covers the very basics of a new offering.

A press kit, however, goes far more in-depth spanning multiple pages and types of media. It's intended to be more engaging than a press release while also providing more details and information.

If you've never seen a press kit, check out some press kit examples to see how creative you can get.

Creating An Engaging Press Kit

Above all else, a quality press kit is a fantastic branding opportunity. As such, you should use your kit as a launching point for conversations with recipients.

Making a kit engaging is often harder than it looks.

Start by determining whether you're going to release a physical or digital kit. Physical kits are harder to ignore, but cost quite a bit more when you factor things like printing and shipping costs.

On the other hand, a digital kit is cheaper and easier to produce, but could also fall into the recipient's spam folder or simply be ignored. For the sake of cost, we highly recommend sticking to digital press kits.

Start the kit with an introduction. Tell (or show if you prefer video) who you are and why you're reaching out. Do everything you can to grab the audience's attention immediately and remain engaging throughout.

Now is when you get to be a bit more creative. Use the remainder of your press kit to go into more detail about what your intro discussed.

Detail things like company culture and projected growth as well as things that you yourself would be interested in if you were looking for work.

Finally, don't forget to include contact information. It negates the entire purpose of the press kit if the recipient is unclear about how to reach out for more details or an interview.

Getting The Info Out

While your gut may tell you to send it to everyone you know, this is rarely if ever an effective idea. Instead, send it to a few select groups:

  • Local media.
  • Relevant business leaders.
  • Journalists who cover press releases similar to yours.
  • Industry leaders.
  • Job boards.

Relevance is the key. Sending your press kit out to recruiting websites and local newspapers is always going to get better results than a mass email.

A Press Kit May Be Just What You Need To Attract New Talent

So what is a press kit? A fantastic opportunity to reach new audiences in exciting and engaging ways. By now you should have a fantastic press kit ready to engage your audience and attract new employees. Remember to make your kit as engaging as possible.

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