Weight Loss Jobs: 9 Great Careers in the Weight Loss Industry

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Oct 12, 2018

Oct 12, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

They always say, "if you find a job that is your passion, you'll never work a day in your life." If your passion is helping others lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle, a career in the weight loss industry may be for you.

With more than 2 in 3 adults considered to be overweight or obese, there are plenty of people who can use your help!

Let's look at 9 great weight loss jobs out there that may be ideal for you.

1. Nutritionist and Dietitian

Have a passion for healthy food? Want to teach others how to improve their eating habits? Then becoming a nutritionist or dietitian may be your calling.

Dietitians work to create healthy, great tasting food programs. This could be for an individual, a community program, a clinical setting, or even in the corporate world.

Registered dietitians will have more education than nutritionists. They have at least a bachelor's degree, while some go on to receive specialized training and a master's degree.

2. Fitness Instructor

If you thrive on working out, sharing that energy with a group as a fitness instructor is a perfect fit.

Fitness instructors work in gyms, health clubs, resorts, and community centers. They lead a work out class through a variety of different activities. These include aerobics, Pilates, yoga, weight lifting, water aerobics, and other fitness programs.

Most fitness instructors are certified in specialized programs or carry bachelor's degrees in physical or exercise science. The type of education needed all depends on the location of where you'd like to work.

3. Weight Loss Consultant

Losing weight is not easy. Many people need help with knowing how to go about it safely and effectively. That's where a weight loss consultant can save the day.

Weight loss consultants design programs to help their clients lose weight and keep it off. Each program gets customized to the client's individual goals, lifestyle, and needs. This helps break down barriers to weight loss goals that clients may not be able to see and overcome on their own.

Figuring out what motivates each client is also an important part of the job. Motivation is key, after all, in reaching those long-term weight loss goals.

For an example of the types of weight loss advice consultants can give, be sure to visit this website.

While some positions don't need a degree, many employers prefer a bachelor's, or even a master's degree in lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise.

4. Personal Trainer

Leading a fitness class is fun and challenging, but the one-on-one training with a client can be rewarding in a different way.

Helping individuals reach their fitness goals is the drive of a personal trainer. They work one-on-one with clients to develop a training program that will get them to their weight loss and physical finish line.

Most of the time, this training involves weight lifting and cardiovascular machines.

Personal trainers can work anywhere fitness instructors work, but they also have the option of working freelance.

5. Wellness Coach

Sometimes being healthy is more than just losing weight. Taking a big picture approach towards a healthy mind and lifestyle is what a wellness coach helps clients focus on.

Building better health habits, of course, includes nutrition, exercise, and weight management. But it also involves emotional health. Wellness coaches combine counseling skills along with health education.

Wellness coaches provide their training to clients in a variety of ways. This includes one-on-one time or by teaching classes and seminars. It can take place in hospitals, corporations, gyms, community centers, or in a freelance setting.

6. Exercise Physiologist

Some people have exercise down to a science - quite literally. Exercise physiologists are healthcare professionals that go a bit deeper into the science of working out.

By developing specialized programs, exercise physiologists can help people increase their strength, physical endurance, and flexibility. They help with the improvement and maintenance of their client's fitness and health goals.

Because of the depth of their scientific knowledge, exercise physiologists are either certified by the American Society of Exercise Physiologists or have a degree in exercise physiology.

7. Weight Loss Center Consultant

Organized weight loss programs such as Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig are popular. Having consultants to help members along their weight loss journey is a must.

These weight loss consultants have the training to help members through the specific guidelines of each individual program.

Meetings usually take place each week. Consultants check weight loss progress and help people overcome any challenges along the way. They can also give advice and encouragement over the phone throughout the week.

8. Bariatric Nurse

Bariatric surgery has become increasingly popular with morbidly obese patients. After surgery, these patients begin to lose a large amount of weight. Nurses are there to guide them through the process.

Bariatric nurses are there for their patients both before and after the procedure. They help each individual through the pre-op plan and are there to nurse them after the procedure is over. Before going home, the nurse will educate patients on the importance of diet and nutrition.

To become a bariatric nurse, you must already be a licensed RN and complete two years of specialized care to get certified.

9. Weight Loss Camp Counselor

Many jobs in the weight loss industry deal with adults. But having the opportunity to work with overweight children can bring its own rewards and satisfaction.

Weight loss camps focus on teaching children the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. There are physical activities planned and nutrition education.

Camp counselors are there to cheer the kiddos on. They provide support and training throughout their time at camp. They're also there to counsel kids through hard times.

Weight Loss Jobs Are a Win-Win

When your passion is helping others achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle, weight loss jobs are a win-win for everyone involved.

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