5 Easy Ways You Can Find More Clients as a Beginning Freelancer

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Oct 10, 2018

Oct 10, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

Almost 50% of people between the ages of 16 and 34 freelance to either subsidize or create their income in full.

That number, thanks to the growing sophistication of the internet, is going up every year and more and more freelancers are making excellent livings working from home!

If you're a budding entrepreneur just starting out on your freelance journey, you probably have a lot of questions?

"How do taxes work?" "Where can I sell my services?" "Will I be able to make end's meet?"

At the crux of all of those questions is one massive macro-question...

"How can I get clients?"

Your ability to get clients as a freelancer is the basis of any success you can hope to have. To help you start to grab more clients, our team has put together 5 quick client gaining tips!

1. Find a Quality Freelance Platform

One of the best ways to get clients online when you're first starting out in the freelance world is by getting on a great freelance platform.

Freelance platforms give people like you an all in one way to run your business. They let you set up your freelancer profiles, sell your services, collect payments and do the heavy lifting of marketing their platform so more potential clients can funnel in towards your products.

2. Have a Killer Portfolio

People need to see your previous work in order to feel confident in buying your services. The best way to show them your work is by having a great, relevant portfolio.

So put together your best work and allow people to access it online via a digital gallery or your personal website.

Don't have work to showcase? You'll then want to do some work pro bono to build up some samples that you can then use to market your services later.

3. Get Social

Social media is a powerful platform for freelancers to show off their stuff.

A couple of ways you can leverage social platforms include, sharing your work with friends and followers or engaging with popular figures in your niche and asking them for advice/requesting that they share your work with their followers.

4. Ask For Referrals

If you've managed to land a client who has loved your work, as soon as things start to wind down, ask them if they'd be willing to refer you to other colleagues or friends.

Word of mouth referrals are a powerful way the most successful freelancers get more clients. To really grease the wheels for your referral system, consider offering incentives to both your referrer and the person they send to you.

5. Get Off Your Computer and Out into The World

There is a world of opportunity to get more clients as a freelancer right outside of your door.

Get off of your computer, print up some business cards, and start dropping them off at local businesses. Consider stapling those business cards to personalized proposals on how you feel your services could solve problems the business you're engaging is having.

By marketing yourself with a more in-person touch, you'll expand your client acquisition channels substantially and build extremely lucrative relationships!

Wrapping Up Easy Ways You Can Get More Clients as a Freelancer

If you're looking to get more clients as a beginning freelancer, leverage our tips above. You'll find that if you do and stick with them, you'll start to experience more consistent traction when it comes to fueling your client pipeline!

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