7 Cutting-Edge Sales Technology Trends You Won't Want to Miss

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Oct 9, 2018

Oct 9, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

The American economy is surging and product sales are more competitive than ever. Online competitors are everywhere and it is not easy to separate your product or service from the pack.

In fact, some studies estimate that up to 90 percent of new startups fail. One way to fall behind is by not taking full advantage of sales technology trends.

Cutting edge technology allows you to reach new customers and retain existing ones. Don't fall behind your competitors by acting complacent. Read on to learn about 7 cutting-edge sales technology trends to bolster your company's marketing campaign.

1. SnapChat

If you are trying to market products to millennials or Generation X, SnapChat is a must. The fact is that young consumers are dropping Facebook in record numbers.

Instead, these consumers are using social media platforms like SnapChat. Your company can market products to customers in the 18-34 age demographic by taking creative pictures or short videos. Use SnapChat's cool filters and video editing tools to create must-watch content.

2. PandaDoc

Not only does technology help boost sales, but it can increase productivity and reduce expenses. A software tool called PandaDoc does is a perfect example.

Instead of spending countless hours creating documents, PandaDoc creates and transmits them digitally. It is perfect for service companies that prepare quotes, sign contracts, and write project proposals.

3. Social Media Managers

There are now tools that simultaneously manage multiple social media accounts. Each customer does not have the social media platform that you prefer to market with.

Some customers have Facebook, while others primarily use Instagram. Your company should take advantage of all social media platforms.

However, this does not have to be a cumbersome task. Software apps like Buffer Publish allow you to manage all platforms efficiently and simultaneously.

4. WhatsApp

Almost everyone carries a mobile phone on them in the 21st century. With WhatsApp, companies can text marketing material directly to customers.

All you need to do is get a customer's phone number to enroll them. Typically, companies entice customers to offer up contact information in exchange for a coupon.

5. Video Content

Consumer studies show that video content is more popular than blogs or podcasts. People react more positively to visuals and action.

This is a popular technique in the services industry. Contractors, for example, can produce Do-It-Yourself (DIY) videos for their customer base.

6. Customer Analytics

If you sell a lot of products, it is time to start studying your customers' purchasing habits. Big data collection efforts are all the rage in the retail world.

This allows you to launch targeted marketing campaigns depending on the time of year. Data solutions are proven to increase revenue per customer and attracting new customers.

7. AI-Powered Sales

AI for sales is one of the most powerful trends in global business. In fact, it is being incorporated into all facets of business to reduce operating expenses and accelerate sales.

Some companies are replacing humans with AI sales assistants. Others are using AI to analyze customer intent and lead marketing campaigns.

Sales Technology - Wrapping It Up

In order to stay competitive in this environment, the use of technology is imperative. The best way to acquire new customers and retain them is using tech like SnapChat or video blogs.

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