How to Be a Successful Real Estate Agent

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jun 20, 2018

Jun 20, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

Plenty of people say that they love real estate. But only a select few of them truly understand it well enough to ever become a successful real estate agent.

It's true that a lot of people become real estate agents when they're looking for a career change. Now more than ever, young people are joining the real estate ranks - and for good reason.

$36,000 is the average median salary for real estate agents. Many wind up making much more. And with the market constantly changing, there are plenty of opportunities to thrive.

Are you wondering how to be a successful real estate agent? Find out in this article!

Nurture Your Passion for Real Estate

What do all successful real estate agents have in common?

For starters, an agent isn't just someone who loves houses, condos, and everything real estate. They're a person who can find the potential in any type of property presented to them. And most importantly, they have a drive to help others find houses or apartments that they can call home.

Without that passion, you'll never be able to be a top seller with an expansive portfolio. You'll also never succeed as an agent if you don't understand the ever-changing market.

To succeed, you have to be able to sell property no matter how good or bad the market is. Accept that it will never be smooth-sailing, but that you'll never stop learning. Seek support and mentorship with a successful broker who can teach you all that they've learned in their career.

Be a Results-Driven Communicator

The general assumption is that real estate agents bear all responsibility when it comes to how much or how fast a property sells. But this isn't necessarily the case so point blank.

Both sellers and agents play a role in how well and how fast a property sells. Yet, the most successful real estate agents know how to communicate advice and direct sellers on the best courses of action.

Take the Orlando housing market, for example. Currently, in Orlando, homes going for less than the median price of $228,000 aren't selling fast enough - if at all.

Why is this happening?

To put it simply, sellers aren't preparing their homes to sell while many are selling for too much. At the same time, many Orlando-based agents aren't coaching sellers enough, nor are they marketing adequately enough.

You can read more about what it takes to sell faster in a market like Orlando's. But what is ultimately the bottom line?

The most successful real estate agents know how to communicate with sellers. At the same time, they understand how to sell property and they'll do whatever is necessary to help sellers lock in the best offers.

Establish & Follow a Plan from the Get-Go

Passing the tests and getting your real estate license is only the beginning. The first few months are the most difficult, especially if you don't have a separate source of income or a plan.

With that said, there's nothing more concrete for your portfolio than actual deals. Until you start making deals, there are things you can do to hit the ground running.

You should establish a budget for your first year as an agent. You'll not only need money to build your digital presence. It may be a while until you start to earn a steady income.

Make it a priority to network yourself and build contacts. You never know when you'll need to contact someone to help you seal a deal.

Take this time to become well-versed in the world of real estate. The more you can demonstrate your expertise, the better your reputation.

Mastering How to Be a Successful Real Estate Agent

Real estate is not an easy career field, especially at the beginning. But with the knowledge on how to be a successful real estate agent, you'll thrive in this promising field.

Still, there's more to being a successful agent than understanding the ways of real estate. As you become acclimated in this field, you'll quickly discover the perks, like getting to make your own schedule.

But you can easily develop bad habits with a job that gives you lots of flexibility. To stay on your A game, master these 5 good habits early on in your real estate career.