The Best and Fastest Way to Find Freelance Video Editing Jobs

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Oct 8, 2018

Oct 8, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

Do you have a love for video creation and editing? Chances are, you want to work as a videographer.

With video marketing becoming more prevalent, video editing as a career is a great choice. But here's the million dollar question: how do you find a video editing job?

Freelance is the way to go. Most of your clients will either be small businesses who need video marketing services or even weddings and other personal services.

There are also ways you can get hired by a company for permanent work.

Here are the best and fastest ways to get video editing jobs.

Make Sure You Have the Required Skills and Software

Before you can find a video editing job, you need to ensure you have the skills and the software. Video editing isn't easy work; it requires cutting scenes at the right time and transitioning smoothly between different frames.

Some clients might have more standards. This includes wanting graphics, effects, and other complex video editing elements.

The best way to gauge your knowledge is by looking at open video job descriptions for major companies and freelance clients. They will list the required skills.

If you don't have all of these skills, take some lessons. You can also start your own DIY projects and teach yourself these skills.

You also need to ensure you have the right equipment.

Many clients and companies will request you have your own camera. You'll have to spend a pretty penny on a professional camcorder or a DSLR, but your videos will come out beautifully.

Editing software is also crucial. If you have a Mac, Final Cut is a great program. But many video editors also prefer popular software such as Adobe Premiere Pro.

Moving to Freelance

A great way to get experience is to freelance. You can work from home and get gigs online.

There are many networking and freelance sites where you can post your jobs. A client can easily send you their footage and you can edit it for them. Or, you can connect with local clients where you can film and edit on-site.

Here's some advice about becoming a freelance video editor:

Types of Jobs

With video becoming a popular form of media, you'll attract many different clients. Most of your jobs will be simple and short pieces. That's because video used for marketing is preferred to be short, to the point, and shareable.

Another popular job type for video editors includes wedding videos. Couples want to remember their special day and will outsource a videographer for their wedding. For these jobs, you'll have to film on-site.

But this also leaves room for flexibility. Every video job requires its own add-ons. One client may only ask you to edit their social media video while the next client wants you to film, add effects, and include royalty free music.


A common hurdle when establishing yourself as a freelance video editor is pricing your services. We all would love a million dollars for our hard work. But we have to look at our client's point of view and negotiate on a fair price.

But no two jobs are the same and your pricing should reflect on each individual job. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

  • Length of the video
  • Type of job
  • Any add-ons (effects, etc.)

On average, video editors make $22/h. That's about $180 a day.

The average video editing shift comprises of cutting and splicing footage, enhancing colors, mixing sound, adding transitions, revision, and exporting the footage. If a client requires more, charge them extra.

How to Find Freelance Video Jobs

Now that you know everything it takes to become a freelance video editor, it's time to find clients. Here are ways to find freelance video clients:

Freelance Job Posting Sites

Freelance job posting websites are great places to look for video clients. You post your services or you find clients who are looking for freelance video editors.

You state your services, your prices, and your contact information. From here, clients will contact you with their project.

Social Media

Social media channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn are great places to meet connections.

But you'll have to build a professional appearance on social media. This includes promoting your services, posting your past work, and branding all of your social media channels.

How to Find Permanent Video Editing Jobs

Are you over freelance work? Or do you want to go the next step?

There are many companies who need permanent video editors. News stations, marketing companies, advertising agencies, and video companies need on-staff video editors for the mass amount of work they receive.

Here are ways to find permanent employment as a video editor:

Search Open Job Positions

Different companies will post their open positions on job and employment search websites.

Rather than inquire with different companies, you'll scale down who is hiring and what they're looking for. You can send your resume and portfolio directly to companies who are hiring.

Make Connections

There are many film and video communities in local areas. Join these communities and make connections.

Follow your connections on social media. When they post an open job or know of one, they will inform you.

Contact Your Freelance Clients

If you started as a freelance video editor, contact your previous clients. Inquire if they need a permanent video editor. If you know they enjoyed your work, ask if anyone in their network is hiring for a full-time video editor.

Will You Become a Video Editor?

Because so many businesses need video content, videographers are in demand. This is why now is a great time to find video editing jobs. You can choose between a freelance career or a full-time job.

But first, you have to hone your skills and make connections. Make sure you have software and gear up to industry standards. After you establish yourself, you can start your career as a video editor.

Are you looking for a video editing job? Use our job search.