7 Types of Men's Professional Bags That Are Perfect for Work

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Rebecca Smith

Oct 5, 2018

Oct 5, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

More men are buying men's professional bags than ever. For instance, sales for messenger bags increased by 20% among men. Professional bags for men account for at least $2.3 billion.

Experts predicted that the industry surrounding men's professional bags would reach $8 billion by 2018. Welcome to the rise of the man bag. Even elite designers are creating men's carry bags.

Here are 7 casual bags for men you can bring with you to work:

1. Men's Professional Bags: Minimalist Clutch

When people think of men's carry bags, they usually imagine something bulky. A minimalist clutch might be all you need for your essentials. Plus, it's sleek and professional-looking.

Most clutches are small, but some are big enough to hold a tablet. For instance, the Leather Envelope-Flap Clutch Case on Amazon can hold a 15-inch notebook.

If you're shopping for a clutch, see if your tablet/phone fits into the clutch. That's the only way you can be sure.

If you need something bigger, you might appreciate this next option:

2. Backpack

If you're carrying a heavy load, consider getting a backpack. You might be thinking, "Backpacks are for kids!"

You're wrong: Backpacks are useful for people who aren't current students. Professionals can also benefit from using backpacks.

Nowadays, backpacks come in stylish designs. Not all backpacks are designed for school and hiking. Some are made for everyday use.

Amazon has a wide variety of professional backpacks for men. Some of these backpacks are even waterproof or secured with anti-theft technology.

Read more about backpacks for men. It's a trend you might consider hopping on.

Warning: Carrying a lot of weight on your back for a long time can cause back pain. Proceed with caution.

3. Messenger Bag

Messenger bags date back to the 1950's when New York had messenger services. These bags are designed to be slung over your shoulder. This distribution of weight puts less stress on your back.

Messenger bags tend to be on the slimmer side. Although you can carry a lot of stuff in messenger bags, it's not good for bulky items like cameras. However, these bags are good for holding papers, notebooks, laptops, and work materials.

If you've got a lot of stuff to carry, look for a messenger bag with plentiful pockets. Know exactly how much space is in a messenger bag before buying it.

You can find messenger bags made out of almost any material. If you have a preference for leather, you'll find a leather message bag for professionals easily.

4. Briefcase

Nothing says "professional" quite like a briefcase. A briefcase is perfect for organizing papers, notebooks, and any important work materials.

Briefcases were designed to handle documents safely. The term "briefcase" comes from the legal world, but professionals in other fields have adopted the briefcase.

Briefcases tend to be heavy. They're often made with leather, metal, and plastic. However, a briefcase offers security that other bags can't promise.

The handles on briefcases are sturdy. A briefcase can withstand the hustle and bustle of your work commute.

5. Travel Bag

Travel bags for men are designed for traveling. Fortunately, a travel bag can also double as a men's work bag.

Travel bags are often designed as carry-on bags for planes. They're compact and chic, but your space is limited. These bags are usually made to hold some clothes, toiletries, and a few other essentials.

Most travel bags are made of leather, plastic, and other durable materials. For extra security, invest in a waterproof travel bag. It'll be more resistant to wear and tear.

"But what about my laptop?"

Travel bags are good for traveling light, but this next option is good for your laptop:

6. Laptop Bag

Laptop bags were created to hold laptops. These bags are often divided down the middle to make 2 slots: 1 for your laptop and the other for anything else you want. This space is good to use for folders or notebooks.

When you wear a laptop bag, you appear more professional to others. You're basically saying, "I have a laptop and I know how to use it."

If you're looking for something with a lot of space, a laptop bag could benefit you. Although they look small, many are deceptive: they actually have a lot of space.

Once again: Pay for added security by buying a waterproof laptop bag. If there's any time you should buy a waterproof bag, it's for your laptop. Water can damage electronics.

Look for a laptop bag with extra pockets and zippers to put your stuff into. You could even hold some clothes in this bag. If carrying clothes is 1 of your primary concerns, consider this next bag:

7. Professional Tote Bag

Professional tote bags come in all shapes and sizes. Chances are, you'll find the tote that's right for you.

Tote bags have short handles that you're supposed to hook over your shoulder. The bag rests right underneath your armpit.

You can hold a lot of stuff in professional tote bags. That includes folders, lunch, and gym clothes for after work. These tote bags designed for men tend to be on the bulky side.

If you're looking for a spacious tote bag online, learn what the exact measurements are before buying the bag. That way, there's no surprises when the tote bag arrives at your doorstep.

Choose The Professional Bag of Your Dreams

Around 1 in 5 luxury handbags are men's bags. Men's professional bags are trendier than ever.

Men spend around $6 billion on luxury bags each year. Needless to say, casual bags for men aren't going out of style any time soon.

Upgrade your life and discover more information about the career world. It'll blow your mind.