Why is Hiring an Executive Coach the Smartest Business Decision?

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jun 20, 2018

Jun 20, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

The popularity of hiring an executive coach has definitely been on the rise in recent years. It seems every time you turn around you hear of someone else who has brought in a coach to get a business back on track or help kick-start a stalled career.

But that's all executive coaches are for, right? To help struggling careers or poorly performing businesses from sinking into failure? What if you're already sitting pretty on the road to success, is there anything benefit you can gain from hiring a coach?

In reality, coaching is for everyone - successful or struggling. It's about tapping into the unrealized potential that can launch a business or career skyward.

So, let's discuss why hiring an executive coach may be the smartest decision you can make and just how to find the perfect coach to help you reach new career goals.

Why It's Important

No matter what your needs for a coach may be, here are 5 key advantages that can benefit anyone looking to learn more and improve their business performance.

A Fresh Perspective

It's easy to fall into a routine and grow comfortable in it. Though sometimes we may grow so comfortable that we don't realize we've fallen into a rut. That's when an executive coach can step in and help us see things from an entirely different perspective.

And it's not always the coach who sees things in a different way. Sometimes all you need is someone to come in and ask the right questions and, suddenly, your clarity and focus have increased dramatically. You're the one now seeing things in a whole new light!

Light Bulb Moments

New ideas can be absolute gold mines. But all too often we second guess ourselves, ultimately talking ourselves out of an idea before it has any potential to show it's true light.

Executive coaches can be great sounding boards. Having someone else to bounce thoughts and ideas off of can push us into areas we wouldn't have had the guts to enter by ourselves. Or into areas we didn't think we needed to go but discover it's exactly what we should be.


It's all too easy to turn into a procrastination pro when you have no one to answer to. Any ole excuse seems reasonable and justifiable. That is until you bring someone else into the mix!

Putting in the time, the work, and the effort is key to getting your career or your business to where it needs to be. As your accountability partner, your executive coach can help keep you on track in reaching your goals.

Restoring Confidence

Sometimes we truly are our own worst critic. That inner voice can be so negative, inhibiting any chance of growth and success. Focusing on the bad somehow seems so much easier than focusing on all the good.

A great coach will help you see the big picture. They will help you set up a plan that will not only build your success but your confidence along with it. And when that confidence comes shining back through, you won't let anything bring you back down again.

Better Decision Making

Like it or not, we all have preconceived notions, prejudices, and beliefs in certain situations and people. It's likely you've never considered that as a factor in what decisions you make for your career or your business.

But an executive coach can help us sort our thoughts between reality from perception. Helping us to see things as they truly are can have a major impact on our ability to make sound, informed decisions.

Finding the Right Executive Coach for You

To get the most out of having an executive coach, you need to make sure you pick one that meets all of your needs. Randomly picking one off of an internet search will not guarantee to get you the results you're looking for. In an instance such as this, research will be your best friend.

The Right Background

You obviously want to make sure you are working with a coach who has experience in your industry and has worked with other clients like you. Not to say they their experience and past clients need to match up exactly, but enough so that they know how to guide you and fill any needs you have.

But just as important, they need to have strengths and skills that you do not but want to attain. That's when there is real opportunity to grow.

Chemistry is Key

As with any relationship, including a working one, chemistry is key to long-term success. You need to pick a coach that you sync well with, and they should sync well with you too. At your initial meeting, take the time to gauge how comfortable you feel with them.

Do they motivate you? Does their working style line up with your own? Do you feel excited or exhausted after the meeting is over?

Asking yourself these question will help guide you toward the coach that's a great fit for you.

Know What to Expect

Nothing's worse than hiring Dr. Jekyll and later discovering you now work with Mr. Hyde. You need to know what you're getting into when it comes to personality, the coaching process, and the outcomes you can expect.

When the coach walks you through their general process, make sure they also answer the who, what, when, where, and why's of the situation. Make sure they cover all the bases, including the outcomes you can expect and how they will get you there.

Having a clear map laid out of what to expect will reduce the chance of having any unpleasant surprises come up later on.

Get Coached To a Whole New Level

You don't have to travel the road to success all by yourself. Sometimes all you need is someone on your side, helping you to find new ways to get where you want to be. And an executive coach may just be the answer you've been looking for.

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