11 Best Work from Home Jobs that Provide a Great Income

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Oct 1, 2018

Oct 1, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

Do you want more time to spend with your family? Do you want the freedom to make your own schedule? Are you sick of commuting to and from the office?

You should consider a work from home job.

Working remotely is the way of the future. These days, you can make a solid income and enjoy your job without leaving the house. Keep reading to find out the best work from home jobs you can start today.

1. Virtual Assistant

If you excel at organization, communication, and planning, this could be the job for you. Virtual assistants do exactly what an in-house assistant does, from home.

They help their client with the following:

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Creating presentations
  • Coordinating travel plans
  • Fielding phone calls and emails

Depending on the industry, you could have other assistant tasks as well. And, you must be good with computers and extremely organized.

2. Customer Service Representative

Big-name companies are starting to hire remote workers for customer service positions. These jobs include answering inquiries and complaints from customers.

You must be professional in your written and spoken communication. And, you must be good at remaining calm when an angry caller dials in.

This is an easy and well-paying job for anyone with customer service experience.

3. Copywriter

Do you have a knack for sales? What about the written word? Copywriters combine both of these skills into one high-paying career.

It can take some time to garner enough clients as a copywriter, but it's totally possible. Soon enough, you'll be writing company's website copy, social media, and blog posts.

This job is also well-suited for digital nomads. People who don't want a boss, or to stay at home, can work from anywhere with an internet connection.

4. Tutor

More and more students are looking for tutors online to help them with their studies. From little kids to college students, there're a ton of potential students.

If you excel at one particular school subject, you can market yourself a tutor of that topic. Or, if you're a native English speaker, you can teach foreign children and adults how to speak it.

Your hours of work will depend on the time zone of your students. For example, teachers of children in China usually have early morning and late-night work hours.

5. Transcriptionist

There are many different types of transcription, from technical to entertainment. All have the potential to earn you a living from home.

The most high-paying transcription fields are medical and legal. For these, you need to have experience in their fields. Once you have experience, the potential earnings are high.

You can also transcribe videos for the hearing-impaired. Or, write sub-titles for online streaming programs. Keep in mind you may need to buy specific transcribing software for your computer.

6. Social Media Manager

Are you a social media king or queen? Do you know the exact caption to spur engagement on a photo? If so, you can capitalize on that skill and do it at home.

Social media managers run the accounts for businesses and entrepreneurs. You'd be in planning posts, researching strategies, and engaging with followers.

After getting enough clients under your belt, you can easily make this a full-time work from home job. Or, work from anywhere in the world!

7. Translator

If you're fluent in more than one language, you could work from home as a translator. Usually, you need a strong grasp of whatever language you're going to translate.

Your clients can range from schools to government agencies. Businesses also need translation services for their products and services. You could also get hired to translate personal correspondence.

Translators are usually well-paid, especially if you have many years of experience.

8. Travel Agent

Working from home as a travel agent has many perks. Your job is to find the best travel plans for your clients. This allows you to plan the best vacations for yourself, too.

Clients will pay a travel agent to plan some or all aspects of the trip. You're expected to find the best deals, experiences, and most convenient itineraries.

If you enjoy all things travel, planning, and scheduling, this could be your dream job.

9. Video Editor

We live in an era of YouTube and independent video production. The demand for awesome video editors has never been higher.

If you have the skills to edit video content, you can turn it into an extremely profitable career.

You'll need to have strong communication skills and understand your client's needs. Then, you have to execute the work on a deadline. Organization is key in many creative fields.

Rather than working from the couch, consider working from your own mobile office. You can learn more in this post about placing mobile office trailers.

10. IT Support

Tech companies hire remote workers for customer support all the time. From home, you can receive customer inquiries and help them solve the problem.

You'll need experience in tech and strong problem-solving skills. Plus, you have to explain how to fix the issue on the customer's end with patience and professionalism.

Most IT support workers work remotely for big-name companies. But, you can also market yourself of a jack-of-all-trades in the IT support field.

11. Web Designer

Every business needs a website that looks great and functions well. If you have the skills to create one, why not make a living off them?

Web designers work from anywhere they want. Although they do need to be available for client meetings in person or online.

Many designers have gone to school for this trade, but it is possible to learn it on your own. There's a ton of stuff you need to know how to do. Taking a course in web design can set you on the right path in this career.

Interested in Learning More About Work from Home Jobs?

More and more companies are allowing their employees to work from home. And, more people are choosing to go freelance for the location independence.

Are work from home jobs for you? If you want to create your own schedule, work in your pajamas, and make money, they could be.

For more information on working from home and other types of jobs, check out the blog.