Changing Careers? Here's 5 Reasons You Should Learn a Trade

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Oct 1, 2018

Oct 1, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

Do you think you need to go to college to have a stable career?

Sure, college can open you up to many different career avenues. But you can have a stable career without landing in debt.

A great education alternative is learning a trade. Learning a trade is quick, easy, and tradesmen and women are high in demand.

Trade school is affordable, and you almost never attend school longer than two years. Your trade will open you up to a fulfilling career which can include pay raises, a promotion, and even entrepreneurship.

Are you intrigued? Here are 5 reasons to learn a trade.

1. You Immediately Gain Experience

When you're in college, you're not gaining experience in the classroom. You're studying while maybe doing an internship.

After you graduate, you work an entry-level position where you're finally learning skills. A trade school doesn't work like this.

You gain experience while you're in school. Trade schools require a certain amount of hours on an on-site job. You'll also do an apprenticeship, which will likely lead to you getting hired after you're done with school.

2. Trade School is Affordable

When you attend college, you might get tens of thousands of dollars in student debt. But you'll likely be in no debt while at a trade school. That's because most degrees either call for an associate's degree or a certification.

Still unsure you can afford trade school? Rather than take out a loan, look for scholarships and grants.

3. You'll Graduate in no Time

To receive a bachelor's degree, you have to be in college for four years. The longest you'll spend at trade school is two years, and that's if you decide to pursue a trade that requires an associate's degree, such as house painting.

Some trades only require a test to earn a certification. For these trades, schooling is only required for an average of six months, sometimes as little as six weeks.

4. You'll Make a Good Living

Not only will you start working quickly, but also you can earn an impressive salary.

All trades are different, and each has different salary options. On average, you can earn a $30k salary when you work a trade. Some salaries can pay as much as $90k!

5. There's a Huge Demand for Tradespeople

Many tradespeople currently employed are either getting promoted, starting their own business, or are even retiring. This is a huge opportunity for students to land a good job in no time.

Some trades hire more than other trades. These jobs are often challenging and require specialized workers, such as attic insulation removal experts. Read more here.

This opens up more job opportunities and even job security.

Will You Learn a Trade?

Are you deciding which career you want? Rather than find a major, find a trade expertise.

There are many reasons why you should learn a trade skill. Experience, pay, a quick graduation, job opportunities, and more make trade school worth attending.

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