9 Small Business Website Examples to Inspire Your Website Design

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jul 30, 2018

Jul 30, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to the digital age.

When someone clicks on your website, you have less than 3 seconds to impress them. In those 3 seconds, a whole lot of decisions are being made. The viewer is determining:

(1) If they find your brand likable

(2) If your website is appealing and easy to navigate

(3) If they want to continue browsing or exit out of your website to look elsewhere

Your website's design is the story of your brand. It should be eye-catching, innovative, and simple to understand.

Get it wrong and you risk losing potential business. But get it right and you're a digital storytelling genius.

Here are 9 small business website examples to get you inspired.

1. Quay Restaurant

One look at their website and you can taste their food melting in your mouth.

It uses artistic expression to capture the quality and essence of its brand. You'll see exquisite photography showcasing whole ingredients and a chef's perfection for food. It's a digital dining masterpiece.

The entire website experience is simple yet full of information. It's backed by a section featuring the head Chef and his passion for experimenting in Quay's kitchen.

It does an excellent job of showcasing the cuisine, ambiance, and service that one will find when dining at Quay. It encourages viewers to browse the tasting menu or curated wine list. It also allows you the convenience of booking a reservation from their website.

2. Sergey Makhno Design Studio

It's everything you would expect from a keen eye for interior design and architecture.

The homepage draws you in with innovative yet simple video clips of previous projects. The use of negative space is appealing and keeps your eyes scrolling down the screen.

The font styles are bold and complement the limited use of color throughout the website design. The navigation is effortless. Important information is easy to find.

The best small business website examples enhance the user experience. This site features the key website design elements needed to increase business.

3. Native Union

This website has an e-commerce experience that pleases even the most novice online shopper. They offer small technology gadgets and gifts.

The design is elegant and simple with an easy to use menu. It's call to actions are clear without being too in your face. The website also does a great job of highlighting the company's ethos.

In business websites, e-commerce platforms often seem cluttered or lack visual style. Native Union gives plenty of attention to both images and product descriptions. The shopping cart feature also allows customers to make easy changes to their order.

The site keeps its call to actions relevant. It promotes current offerings relating to special holidays or seasonal highlights. This helps with SEO rankings as customers turn to Google for product searches.

4. Bona Drag Boutique

This boutique is in Milwaukee, yet it's website screams New York fashion week. It's a great example of how a small business website can be edgy, chic, and easy to navigate.

The product pages are simple and informative. The site also makes great use of collapsible menu features to keep content from overpowering the design.

Bona Drag makes it easy to join the company newsletter. This is a must for small businesses looking to stay in touch with present and potential customers.

The online shopping platform also holds promotions, giving a percentage of proceeds to charity. It's a great incentive that also helps boost online sales.

5. Alexander Real Estate

This real estate firm uses its website to represent their property listings. It attracts potential buyers and sellers with a design that is clean, contemporary, and informative.

The website does a great job of promoting the agents through an about us section. Each team member gets their own bio, headshot, and contact information. This establishes trust and helps the audience to feel connected to the company.

The website also hosts a comprehensive blog. This keeps content fresh and up to date. It makes Google happy as well as answering important client questions.

Alexander Real Estate's website showcases a testimonial spotlight on the homepage. As well as its own section on the website.

Online testimonials should get included in small business examples of an excellent website. 84% of people trust online reviews when it comes to purchasing decisions.

6. A24 Films

This website knows the importance of using quality video content to get a message across. Business websites who show a video on a landing page can boost conversation rates by 80%.

The independent film company uses movie trailer clips to entice the audience to learn more about their current projects. It also has a great blog section that's complete with their own podcast.

The logo (a simple A24 in white blocky lettering) sits at the top left corner of every webpage. This is a website template must-have, making it easy for viewers to get back to the homepage.

7. Wink!

Wink's website offers wedding planning services wrapped up in a clean and elegant design. It knows it's target customer and appeals to them with fun branding, Pinterest-worthy images, and a blog full of wedding tips.

The site has easy to find contact information and noticeable links to all social channels. This is a must for reaching younger generations online.

When starting out, many event planners work right from the comfort of their own home. Despite working out of the office, there are many reasons your home business needs a website.

Be sure to lace important keywords throughout your website content. Your website will have better SEO and will help local brides find you during a Google search.

8. Joho's Coffee

This coffee manufacturer uses web design to tell the impressive journey of how their product gets made. It takes you on a digital tour from Brazil to how the beans get harvested and roasted. The website even allows you to interact with it to find the information you seek.

It uses a creative combination of video, compelling pictures, and moving script to describe its brand ethics. By the end of the story, viewers are more than ready to buy Joho's coffee.

They make it easy to shop right online. As well as visit their social channels for more product information.

9. Selphness Hair Studio

This hair salon goes for a look that is innovative, clean, and colorful, as hair care should be.

It offers a separate new client section for interested customers. This encourages salon seekers to reach out for more information.

It also enhances the user experience by allowing appointments to get made on the website. This appeals to on-the-go consumers who use their mobile phones for searches. This is important in small business website design as it allows the client to make an appointment after hours.

Small Business Website Examples to Wow Your Audience

Small businesses may not have the capital or creative departments to execute a full website redesign. That's where an integrated website agency comes in.

They can take your brand, ideas, and favorite small business website examples and run with them. It's all about bringing your brand's vision to life.

You'll want a web developer that is creative, cost-effective, and ahead of the trends. Here's more on what to look for when hiring a web developer.