A Guide to Becoming a Professional Organizer

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jul 27, 2018

Jul 27, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

Does other people's clutter make you crazy? Do you wish you could tackle a few houses on an episode of 'Hoarders'? If your underpants are folded and stacked neatly, you might be a neat freak.

The good news is you can make a career out of it. People need someone to clean up after them all the time. Maybe they just need a bit of organization. If you think you would enjoy doing that, then maybe you need to think about how to become a professional organizer.

Some people need time management help, others need help with their closets. Just trying to get their kids to their activities is enough to cause some parents to lose it. That's where someone like you comes in.

If this is a career path you are considering, here are a few helpful tips to get you pointed in the right direction.

How to Become a Professional Organizer

Even if you are organized at work but not at home, you can still build on those skills to help others get their lives in order. Your attitude will be different when it is your profession, as well.

Take Some Courses

Just because you're good at keeping a tight running ship doesn't mean you know everything. Take some training to help you along. You can take courses online and although you don't need to be certified, you can do so anyhow.

Becoming certified will only help you find a job or start your own freelancing job. It shows potential employers and clients that you are serious and dedicated. It might make it easier for you to stay competitive, as well.

Decide Where You Want to Work

Some people prefer to work on their own, some like to work for a company. Starting off working with a professional organization will give you experience and a good idea of what to expect.

Deciding to branch out on your own later will mean more work to get it started and you may have trouble finding clients. You may find you get more, steady work from the organization. But starting out with a company is a good idea.

Prepare for a Mess

Whether on your own or with an organization, you need to be prepared. You may come upon some real messes and smells, and worse. If you are working in offices or for organizations, it may not be as bad.

If you have to deal with hoarding situations, it can be shocking. Keep in mind that these are people and see the people, the illness and separate the person from the junk.

Involve them in the cleaning and organizing so they see it happening and can learn how to maintain it. If it's a real mess, you will need more help than yourself to get through it.

Get The Word Out

If you are going out on your own, you need to get some customers. This shouldn't be too difficult.

Past Jobs

Start with your previous job. If they already know how great your skills are, they may hire you often. They may have been the reason you got started in this directions, so ask them for testimonials for your website and marketing.

If you started with an organization for professional organizers, poaching clients can be problematic for you. If the customer asks you to work for them while you are with the organization, always talk to the management about it.

Family and Friends

Get your family and friends to spread the word. it's amazing how many contacts you can find just by asking around. A few good clients will turn into a few more.

Maybe volunteer your services for your friend or sister, just to get started. They will be more open to letting you in and taking pictures for your website.


This will be a big factor in getting your name out there. Get business cards and flyers made. Flyer your neighborhood with your information put them up in community centers, grocery stores and other places where people gather for social functions.

Take out an ad in a local or neighborhood paper. Also, try to come up with a clever or catchy name that will make people remember you. Try something that makes them associate you with organization, something that makes them smile, whatever it takes.

Social Media

You will need a website and connections to other social media platforms. This is the fastest way to let people know you are here. One of the best parts of being an organizer is showing your potential customers the proof.

Take before and after pictures for your website and post them on your other platforms. People love pictures. They love before and after pictures even more. Try splicing together several progressive pictures to really show what you can do.

Social media will be your friend, so it's important to use it to your best advantage. it shouldn't take much time once you have a website up and running.


Try running a contest to drum up interest. Ask followers for pictures of their clutter or disorganization to win free or discounted services. People are more likely to engage and share when they can be involved and win something.

People love to share their photos and this is the type of thing they will pass on to their friends and followers. You could think of something new each week to keep people interested.

Clear Out

Try to get some experience before you quit the day job. It may be fun to organize your own life and a few at your workplace or family, but it may be a real shock when you are in the real world.

Starting your own small company to provide a service you love doing is very rewarding. If you are wondering how to become a professional organizer, just start asking questions.

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