10 Awesome Places to Be a Real Estate Agent in the US

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jul 26, 2018

Jul 26, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

Are you looking for a great place to work in real estate? Whether you're an aspiring agent or one with some experience under your belt, location is a major determiner when it comes to job success.

Real estate work can be exciting and fun, especially if you choose a great location to live and work. Homes sell frequently wherever you look, but some places are better than others.

As a real estate agent, you want to work somewhere where the properties are hot and buyers are looking. So where should you go?

Luckily, there are a lot of great places to choose from. Some are better than others though, so we've created a list to help you in your decision. Here are ten of the best places to be a real estate agent.

How to Choose a Real Estate Location

When considering the best places to be a real estate agent, take your own wants and needs into consideration.

Are you better at quick sales? Or do you tend to cash in on homes that have been vacant for a while?

Do you have that magic touch with old homes, or are you better at selling new ones?

Whatever you're strengths are, play to them. Combine that with a great location and you're sure to find success in real estate.

1. San Francisco, California

If you love the sun, you'll love this option! San Francisco is a great place to work in real estate!

Why? There are lots of reasons!

Job opportunity is high in San Fran. Plus, the median price for a home is highest there.

Homes tend to sell faster, and you'll likely make a healthy wage working real estate here.

2. Oakland, California

Once again, California shows up on the list. That's great if you love California weather and all the fun things there!

There aren't as many job opportunities in Oakland as there are in San Francisco. But agents make around the same amount of money. Both cities have the same average number of sales per year per real estate agent.

San Francisco and Oakland aren't the only great California cities for real estate. While it's not as high as the cities discussed in this list, San Diego may be a good location too.

3. Walla Walla, Washington

People are buying and selling in Walla Walla, so there' no reason for you to miss out! The salary you'll rake in will totally cover the cost of living. And it will be even better the more you work at it.

Plus, you'll have the benefit of working in the beautiful state of Washington. You can't really go wrong here!

4. Austin, Texas

If you're looking to experience a big city but still get your cowboy on, consider working real estate in Austin! The average annual salary is high, and so is the total number of jobs.

If you've always wanted to live in Texas, this is the place to go!

5. Boston, Massachusetts

Few places could be as interesting to work and live as Boston. From historic buildings to modern skyscrapers, Boston has it all.

You'll earn high commissions on home sales in Boston, which is great news for you! Plus, it won't be hard for you to find work. Thousands of homes sell per month in Boston!

6. New York, New York

How would you like to sell real estate by day and stroll down Broadway at night? Well, you can, if you decide to work in New York City!

With so many people living in the Big Apple, there's no shortage of homes selling in the city. The median sale price here is very high, and the wages you can bring in are exceptional.

7. Denver, Colorado

Are you ready to channel your inner John Denver? If so, consider working real estate in Denver, Colorado!

A great annual salary can be made by Denver real estate agents, thanks to relatively quick sales and high median sale prices.

8. Manchester, New Hampshire

Do you want to work in a place where the market is always regrowing itself? Consider working in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Manchester is tied for the city with the highest home turnover rate. So you'll never want for jobs, thanks to homes re-entering the market regularly.

9. Seattle, Washington

Do you love a quick sale? Then you should look for a place where homes don't stay on the market very long.

One of these places is Seattle, Washington. In fact, Seattle is tied for first with two other cities (San Jose and San Francisco) for homes spending the shortest time on the market.

Plus, you'll never run out of things to do in Seattle while you're in between properties if you ever are.

10. Salem, Oregon

You may not be worried about short sales if you're bringing in more from each home. If you'd like to earn more per home you sell, consider working in Salem, Oregon.

Along with four other cities, Salem has the highest sales per agent rate. And those numbers come in 22 times larger than those places with the lowest sales per agent.

It's safe to say, you'll probably do just fine if you plan to work in real estate in Salem. And, you'll get to enjoy the beautiful area while you're at it.

The Best Places to Be a Real Estate Agent

If you're looking for the best places to be a real estate agent, don't disregard the locations on this list!

While numbers are constantly changing, there's a good chance you'll find success in any one of these ten great cities. And, each one represents a great place to live, too.

Do you need a way to bring in some funds while you're searching for your perfect real estate location? Check out our post on making money while you're looking for a job!