Be the Office Barista! How to Make the Best Office Coffee

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jul 26, 2018

Jul 26, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

If you're one of over 150 million Americans who regularly enjoy a good morning brew, then you'll understand the need of having excellent office coffee.

There's nothing worse than walking into work and taking a sip of your much-needed caffeine fix, and it tasting rank.

Well, we want to help put a stop to this. We've put together a few sure-fire pieces of advice to help get the ball rolling.

Let's dive on in!

Use Whole Beans and a Coffee Grinder

Ditch the instant coffee right this second. Literally, get up and put it in the trash.

Instead, grab a bag of whole coffee beans and purchase a good quality coffee grinder.

If you want top-notch coffee, you need to grind the beans before you can start brewing. Yes, this takes a little more time and effort but trust us; you'll certainly taste the difference.

How to Store Your Beans

You need somewhere to store your coffee beans; the best option is to source airtight containers.

It doesn't matter what they're made out of, so choose whatever suits you best; glass, ceramic, plastic; whatever. Then store them at room temperature.

Top Tip: in a working environment, it's usually best to opt for something that isn't glass, just in case it breaks; that could be embarrassing for whoever causes the accident as well as a potential danger hazard!

Never put coffee beans in the fridge! For those of you who don't know, beans are porous and promptly soak up moisture and whatever food odors they're near- yuck!

Naturally, the same principle goes for freezing coffee beans, especially the darker the roasts. It'll ruin the taste, so don't bother.

Ideally, you need to consume fresh coffee within five to seven days of buying them, so as tempting as it to buy in bulk, don't.

Source a Local Brand of Coffee

If you want the best coffee beans, we highly suggest finding a local coffee vendor.

Look for online recommendations, ask around, or just head into town and see what you find. Locally roasted coffee tastes way fresher than national brands- plus, supporting local businesses is always a good thing- win-win!

You'll often find that local coffee companies hire office distributors to deliver directly to your office, this makes the process super simple!

What Coffee Should I Indulge In?

We genuinely believe there's a perfect coffee for every palette. You just need to find one, which is all part of the fun!

Various factors influence the taste of your brew:

  • The origin of the coffee
  • The variety of the bean, i.e., arabica, robusta or a combination of the two
  • The type of roast
  • The consistency of the grind

You get the idea. Take your time and commit to trying different flavors!

Start a Club

Unfortunately, not everyone will be as passionate about coffee as you are, so the best solution is to form a club. Then, those who want and appreciate good coffee can all chip in and pay for it.

Perhaps you could set up a rota so each person buys a new flavor of coffee each week? Not only does this equitably distribute the costs but it keeps things interesting- win-win!

9 Easy Steps to Creating a Killer Cup of Coffee for the Office

We thought we'd break down the process for you, so you're guaranteed a knockout cup of coffee:

  1. Find a standard eight-cup French Press, also known as a Press Pot or Cafetiere.
  2. Then, remove the lid of the press as well as the plunger screen.
  3. Grab a tablespoon and measure out eight lightly rounded spoons of ground coffee and put them into the French Press.
  4. Add hot water (more specifically water that's between 195-205 degree F- just before boiling point) and pour the water just one inch below the top of the press.
  5. Set a timer for four minutes, immediately.
  6. Mix the water into the coffee grounds until they're wet. If you've got good quality coffee beans, you should see the light brown foam on the surface.
  7. Now, delicately put both the lid and plunger on top of the press. However, as tempting as it is, DON'T press down on the plunger just yet. Just keep the press on the side and let it brew.
  8. Wait for the timer to go off.
  9. Now, you're ready to carefully push the plunger down until the screen reaches the bottom. This should trap the coffee grounds at the bottom of the jug. Don't press too quickly otherwise you risk cracking the glass!
  10. Last but not least, pour out your coffee and enjoy a delicious pick-me-up.

If you follow the above steps, you shouldn't go too far wrong!

Use Filtered or Distilled Water

It's not surprising that the quality of the water you use to make your coffee is of paramount importance when you consider it makes up the majority of the brew!

Simply using filtered or bottled water as part of your morning coffee ritual will make all the difference- try it for yourself to see what we mean!

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