Forget Uber or Lyft; Learn How to Become a Taxi Driver, Instead!

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jul 25, 2018

Jul 25, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

Which careers offer opportunities for traversing the streets with new people, hearing their bizarre stories, witnessing television worthy scenes, and getting paid for it?

Not many in the work world. Taxi jobs offer the opportunity to socialize and explore with a superhero like status! Doesn't Superman fly through the streets in uniform answering calls for help too?

Amidst all the excitement of saving people's day, somebody decided to create an app for it, bringing Uber and Lyft into the world. Genius, but not without downfalls.

There is something admirable about taxi drivers helping all in need, not just people with a smartphone and a credit card. Learn what you need and how to become a taxi driver here.

Perks of Driving Taxi

Here are several perks of making cabbing your career:

Flexible Hours

This career is not limited to the 9-5 workday. People need rides leaving all hours of the day and night.

Company Car

Taxi drivers get a company car. Unlike with Uber or Lyft, the miles and messes are not going onto your vehicle.

Suitable Income

The average taxi driver salary is $34,697. Tips bump that up to a decent earning!

Spiced Life

You choose the best route at your discretion, constantly change your scenery, and socialize with a wide variety of people.


Taxi companies cover the cost of insurance and any other associated fees. Uber and Lyft drivers are on their own and may not even have the proper coverage for every circumstance.

You also get the security of steady work, unlike the Uber or Lyft drivers competing for customers.

The Downfalls of Driving for Uber or Lyft

Driving for a rideshare company may sound tempting. But here is a summary of the downfalls of choosing this over driving taxi:

  • Inconsistent Work
  • Using Personal Vehicle
  • Personal Liability
  • Poor Time to Earnings Ratio

Making it clear why you should forget about driving for rideshare and become a taxi driver.

How to Become a Taxi Driver

Here are some skills that a taxi driver should possess:

  • Good Personality and Communication Skills
  • The Ability to Follow Directions
  • A Sense of Direction
  • Basic Math Skills
  • Map Reading Skills
  • Local Insights
  • Patience
  • Intuition

Driving taxi is about more than just getting places! People want conversation, good service, and suggestions for fun.

Your company needs somebody reliable who can properly operate the vehicle and meter. And the law requires knowledge and obedience of traffic laws. Plus you should know the roads and trust your gut to keep everybody safe.

Is This You?

Become a taxi driver today with our help! Here's how.

Meet an Age Requirement

Most states require a licensed driver of at least 18 years old. However, some require the driver to be 21. Check with your states DMV and/or with the company you want to drive for.

Provide a Clean Driver's History Report

Most states require a report with no major driving incidents. This report includes information regarding your personal identification and license details, any points from driving violations, and conviction details.

Know not everything on this repost plagues forever. Certain points disappear over time and others go away with the completion of driver's education. You can obtain this report online from your local DMV.

Pass Routine Tests

This includes:

  • A criminal background check free of any criminal offenses
  • A negative drug test
  • A defensive driving course with exam
  • A chauffeur's or taxi license test

Remember, they are hiring a person to invite strangers carrying money into a vehicle and drive them around, making all three of these tests imperative. There may be a taxi license cost and other fees associated with these tests.

Prove Residency and Citizenship

Do this with a state driver's license or United States birth certificate. Then you just need to pay the fees and complete the training!

Train to Taxi

Once hired, your company will train you to operate the vehicle, communications device, and pay meter all safely and lawfully. They will also teach you to map out efficient routes in the area.

How Should I Prepare for My Taxi Licensing Exam?

Test anxiety is real. Proper preparation will hep calm your nerves and bring you one step closer to driving taxi.

To prepare:

Know What to Expect

  • Computerized exam
  • Multiple choice with 4 possible options
  • Part one tests for knowledge and grasp on the Highway Code, area driving, driving theory, driving practices, and taxi industry regulations
  • Part two tests on the ability to identify hazards and to safely and lawfully deal with them
  • Expect case studies that require fact recall, understanding, and real life application

Know What to Study

  • Traffic procedures and signs
  • Mechanical operation
  • green driving and the environment
  • Roads and areas
  • Legal Responsibility
  • Customer care

Some of this information you may know from taking your driver's test, but some of it may require brushing up and learning on your part. Read the manual from your state DMV and take practice Class D driver's tests.

Anything Else?

You do not need any formal education to operate a taxi for most companies. However, you should prepare your resume to submit to prospective employers.

A resume should consist of:

  • Name and Address
  • Education
  • Previous and Current Work Experience
  • Special Skills

Hand in a cleanly revised copy with your application.

Where Do I Find Taxi Jobs Near Me?

Begin online with the DMV to obtain the required forms and licensing. Also, check the Taxicab Authority for your state's individual regulations.

From there, start job searching for local taxi companies that are hiring!

Trip advisors ratings suggest top-rated cab companies in the country include:

  • Access Line Transportation
  • NYC Perfect Transportation
  • Ace Luxury Transportation
  • KD Elite Transportation
  • Omega Royal Transportation

If this top 5 is not in your area, continue to check the job board, sign up for alerts, and type your hometown into the Trip Advisor search for best transportation.

Ending at Your New Beginning

Now you know how to become a taxi driver. Not every career offers the opportunity to meet new people while answering their call for help. Seize this opportunity!

Read more about taxi driving to shift your career into gear. We want to help you become a taxi driver and save somebody's day!