Leave Me Alone: 11 High-Paying Careers for Introverts

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jul 23, 2018

Jul 23, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

You might be a complete introvert, who loves being by yourself and feel recharged from spending time just on your own. Or, you might just not be a people person and would rather work independently without too much collaboration.

Either way, if you prefer work that has little interaction with others, read on.

Here is our curated list of top 11 best jobs for introverts. You'll find a selection of various industries to suit a wide range of interests.

Social Science Careers for Introverts

If you studied the Humanities or Social Sciences in College or University, don't listen when people say there are no jobs in those areas. There are high-paying and in-demand jobs out there. Here are a couple suited best for introverts.

1. Environmental Economists

Environmental economists do analysis about environmental protection and use of the natural environment. They spend their days researching economic and environmental topics like soil conservation, possible fuel sources, pollution levels and controls and so on.

They collect data about the costs and benefits associated with these various topics and asses the data. A large part of their work involves writing technical papers or academic research about results or forecasts.

To become an environmental economist you will need a doctorate. The average salary is 109,000 per year.

This is a great career choice for introverts because most of the research and all of the writing is done alone. There is a good amount of variety in the sectors you want to research.

Many environmental economists work at Universities. They may teach courses to students and use their personal research to write academic articles and textbooks.

2. Writer

There are a wide variety of jobs for writers. Anything from technical writing to creative writing, blogging and ghostwriting.

Naturally, the vast majority of this job is done alone in front of a computer. Most often it can be done from home or a favorite coffee shop. Many writers choose to work freelance and control what they write and what jobs they take.

The average salary is $71,920 with the top-end of the pay scale being over $118,000.

There is no one degree that can help you become a writer. However, a degree in the humanities or social sciences would be beneficial. Additional courses on grammar, syntax, editing, and writing for business would be useful.

Science Careers for Introverts

If science fairs get your blood pumping, you are probably best suited for a career in Science. Here are a few options that are good jobs for introverts.

3. Astronomer

Astronomers are scientists who study the Universe and the objects within it.

They will often become specialists in a certain field as the universe is so vast. Astronomers may choose to focus on stars, planets, life outside planet Earth, or the evolution of the universe.

Many astronomers are also professors at universities or colleges and spend time teaching. Some astronomers work to plan and support space missions in organizations like NASA.

Astronomers study things in the universe using telescopes and other instruments. They use computers to analyze data, develop theories and carry out research.

The average salary for astronomers is $104,000. You will need a doctorate in Astronomy for this career. It is one of the best jobs for introverts that enjoy deep thinking and research.

A lot of the collaboration done with other scientists involves reading each other's research and coming up with ways to push the research further. If you are an introspective introvert, this may be the job for you.

Check out the 5 top paying jobs for STEM grads.

4. Biochemist or Biophysicist

Both biochemists and biophysicists study the molecular composition of living cells and organisms. They apply principals of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology to understand the complexity of various living things.

They spend their days writing research outcomes, making presentations at conferences, and studying their field of interest.

Many people in these professions are college and university instructors. They likely will be advisors to upper-year undergraduate students or supervise the research of grad students.

Like an astronomer, this career is an excellent career choice for introverts that are fascinated by the natural world and enjoy examining organisms at the very basic level.

The average salary in these fields is $82,000. A doctorate is required.

Law and Legal Careers for Introverts

Just because you don't have the diplomacy, charm and other people skills you need to be a litigation lawyer doesn't mean you can't pursue a successful career in law.

Read on for some of the best jobs for introverts in the legal profession.

5. Judicial Law Clerks

Judicial Law Clerks support judges in the court, by doing research and also by preparing legal documents. They do a lot of the behind the scenes work that happens in the courtroom.

Judicial law clerks spend a lot of their time at work researching. They might need to look up court decisions, laws, and other documents. The other large component of their work is preparing written documents such as briefs, statements, legal memorandums and so on.

Excellent writing and editing skills are needed for this role. Limited interaction with other people is required. Usually just with judges regarding legal questions or to get clarification on specific projects.

There is good career progression in this field. You can expect a steady salary increase as you gain experience and become more proficient. The average salary in this role is $60,000.

6. Lawyer

Not all lawyers are extroverts. Much of the work of a lawyer is paperwork done in solitary at a desk. Some lawyers have never been inside of a courtroom to shout I object!

If you don't aspire to leadership and want to avoid the limelight you could be a valuable lawyer in many areas that keep our society turning on a smooth axis.

Considering earnings alone, being a lawyer is the second best job for introverts (following astronomer).

There are so many different types of attorneys that are excellent for people with a lot of focus and excellent research skills. For example estate lawyers, tax lawyers, and intellectual property lawyers are all well-suited jobs for introverts.

Computer Careers for Introverts

While most jobs today involve computers, here are a few that are strictly computer-science based.

7. Database Administrator

Database administrators work with special software to store and organize data. Usually, companies have at least one database administrator to work on things such as database design, migration, security, troubleshooting, creating backups and data recovery.

Unlike many of the careers listed here, this one only requires a certificate in Information technology or information systems, plus experience.

The earning potential is high in this role with the average pay being $85,000 per year.

Usually left to work uninterrupted in a small office or server room, a database administrator is one of the best jobs for introverts.

8. App Software Developers

App software developers design, create and update software or apps for mobile devices. They must understand the client's needs and translate that into brand new software or updates.

Large portions of their work deal with testing the software and validating it. Programming is another large component.

For this career, you will need a bachelor's degree in information technology or computer sciences.

The average salary for a software developer is $119,000.

High-Demand Jobs for Introverts

If you are looking for a career that is in high demand, read on. Here are two of the best jobs for introverts that are facing a huge demand.

9. Airline Pilot

The United States is facing a serious shortage of commercial pilots. As an airline pilot, you will have minimal interaction with people. This is your type of introvert jobs if you prefer talking to one person at a time over a group of people.

You can earn anywhere from $57,000 to $170,000 as a commercial pilot, depending on the type of aircraft you fly.

10. Medical Services Manager

This role is listed as one of Forbes 7 top in-demand jobs for 2018 in the US. The mean income for this role is $109,370.

This job entails planning, directing, and coordinating medical and health services. A person in this role would manage an entire facility, a department, or a medical practice.

This career requires either a Master's degree in health sciences, business administration or a combination of a bachelor's degree and experience.

11. Truck Driver

Truck drivers, especially long-haul drivers, spend most of their time on the road. Introverts make great truck drivers because they enjoy the solitude. You can listen to music, audiobooks or podcasts while you are on the road, sometimes for two weeks at a time.

You'll need a commercial driver's license and a high school diploma. 

Final Words

We hope you have enjoyed this top 11 list of careers for introverts. As you can see, there are a wide variety of industries and jobs where you can focus on the work you love without needing to deal with too many people.

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