10 Ways to Create a More Positive Work Environment

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jun 19, 2018

Jun 19, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

Creating a positive work environment is something all companies should strive for. However, when it comes to making practical improvements, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

Shockingly, one in 6.8 people suffers from workplace depression. Therefore, this issue is of paramount importance and needs addressing, fast.

With that in mind, we've listed ten surefire strategies that'll help you create a more pleasant working environment for your employees.

Let's dive in.

1. Transparent and Open Communication

Stifling communication is one of the easiest ways to create a toxic work environment.

Employees need to feel as though they're able to make a valuable contribution to the office. Otherwise, they'll start believing their work's meaningless, and nothing quashes morale quicker than thinking you have no purpose.

Without honest communication, workers will never consider themselves part of a working community, and this isn't good for either their wellbeing or for the business as a whole.

When workers feel isolated, productivity begins to suffer, as does staff turnover, and therefore your profit!

So, if you're looking to improve the way employees and management communicate, try to encourage open discussion about the organization's values.

That way your employees will eventually grasp what they're striving to achieve (other than their paycheck at the end of the month!)

We also suggest creating avenues where employees can make a valuable input. For example, hosting regular meetings, retreats, or one to one chats. You could even set up a suggestions box. That way people know they're able to make their voice heard.

Good communication fosters a sense of team spirit, so people are more likely to believe that 'we're all in this together,' and usually this goes down well!

2. Bring on the Plants

Scientific studies suggest that exposure to plants and natural settings help improve wellbeing. So, why not decorate the office with a few plants? Or, tidy up any outdoor areas surrounding your office.

If you don't have time to manage the lawns and trees nearby, check out Pevach Corp. and see how they could help.

It's small changes like this that make the world of difference.

3. Don't Be Afraid to Let Bad Employees Go

The saying 'one bad apple spoils the bunch' couldn't be more accurate when it comes to toxic employees.

If you have one worker making everyone else's life a misery, it permeates throughout the entirety of the office and transforms the vibe of the workplace for the worse.

So, if you think your office is suffering from that, don't be afraid to let the troublemaker go (providing you comply with all the necessary employment law procedures).

4. Get Better Lighting

There's a reason we sleep in the dark and spend our time awake amidst the daylight. It's because we need light to function adequately!

So, it's no surprise that decent lighting is vital when it comes to employee performance and attitude.

Studies suggest that exposure to natural light boosts energy and improves focus and productivity. However, sadly, 50% of office workers claim there's little to no natural light in their office.

Sometimes, natural light isn't possible due to a lack of windows. However, there are other options including blue-enriched light bulbs.

These are supposed to have a similar effect to natural light and will, therefore, help improve your employee's work performance.

5. Be Grateful

By this, we mean, encourage a culture of gratitude, and lead by example. A simple thank you to someone who wouldn't usually be appreciated for doing a particular task makes all the difference.

6. Celebrate the Small Stuff

If you host regular meetings, try starting off by sharing something positive your group's achieved. For example, reaching a target, getting excellent customer feedback, trying a new strategy, etc.

If you have time, encourage others to report their colleague's achievements. This is a fabulous technique for solidifying team spirit and fostering a sense of accomplishment amidst your employees.

7. Get Outside

If it's a beautiful day and you have the resources, why not allow your employees to work outside?

Alternatively, if you're having a small meeting, say with just three of you- why not turn it into a walking meeting?

They say a change is as good as a rest, and that's certainly true of the workplace!

8. Being Kind Is Key to a Positive Work Environment

Now, this might sound obvious. However, what we mean by this, is undertaking random acts of kindness towards someone who wouldn't expect it.

Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling:

  • Bringing in treats and putting them in the break room for everyone to share
  • Celebrating peoples birthdays by buying a card and getting everyone to sign it
  • Showing kindness and tolerance towards employees going through a hard time
  • Making a point of saying good morning to people when you arrive at the office

You get the idea!

9. Respect Is Key

Although company cultures vary from business to business, all of them should have respect at their core.

Time and again we hear of workplace horror stories where employees are outrageously disrespected by both management and each other. So, do what you can to make sure your workplace doesn't fall foul to that.

Reiterate the importance of mutual respect, even if someone's views are different to yours. Everyone should be treated equally and not be made to feel foolish by their peers.

10. Be Inclusive

Over the last couple of years, we've made massive progress when it comes to inclusivity in the workplace. By showing tolerance and acceptance of people from all walks of life, you're bound to boost the wellbeing of your employees.

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