Top 10 Tips for Being a Successful Rideshare Driver

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jul 16, 2018

Jul 16, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

You're now a rideshare driver. Are you ready to pick up your first passenger?

How much money you make depends on entirely on you. If your riders like you, they'll reward you with tips and great reviews. If they don't, you could get kicked off the platform.

So how do you become a great Uber or Lyft driver? It's easy. We'll explain exactly what you need to do.

Let's get started.

1. Take Care of Your Health

If you want to know how to be a successful Lyft driver, you had better take care of your body. Many people don't realize it, but being a rideshare driver is hard on you physically. You'll be required to sit for long periods of time, and that can destroy for your health.

Sitting might even be more harmful than smoking. According to a study published by the Mayo Clinic in 2017, sitting for long periods of time may be more damaging to your health than smoking cigarettes!

Don't worry, you can easily avoid negative consequences if you're smart. Just avoid camping out in the driver's seat for too long.

You also need to stay hydrated. Remember to drink a lot of water. Frequent bathroom breaks are annoying, but dehydration will sap your energy.

2. Make an Exercise Routine

As you get into the groove of rideshare driving, you'll start to develop certain habits. After each ride, try to develop the habit of stretching your legs. It could be after every other ride, but make it a habit.

Exit your vehicle every hour to stretch. Bending and straightening at the waist should allow the blood to flow. Touch your toes and wave your arms in circles.

Do some jumping jacks or make a short sprint across the parking lot. Try deep breathing exercises or do a little yoga.

If you're self-conscious, don't be! It's your health we're talking about here. If someone looks at your funny in the 7-11 parking lot, it will give you something to laugh about later.

3. Don't Smoke

Cigarette smoke lingers in the vehicle and is a massive turn-off to a lot of riders. You can still be a great driver if you smoke, just make sure that you step outside of your car before lighting up.

Ask your passengers not to smoke inside the car as well. They might be okay with it, but there's a good chance that the next rider won't be.

4. Keep Your Ride Clean

The first and the last impression that your customers will have of you will be the outside of your vehicle. Make it sparkle and you'll get better tips.

Get a membership at a local car wash that allows you unlimited washes. If you're constantly on the road, you're gonna need them. Make sure to wax the car with a liquid car wax and buff it off with a towel.

You also need to vacuum the inside of the car after ever work shift. Your passengers will bring in small amounts of dirt and grime that will build up if you don't take care of it. A few quarters can go a long way.

Get floor mats at a local auto parts store. A good way to clean floor mats is to take them out of the vehicle and bang them against the sidewalk. Just do this at the end of your shift, as you might get dusty.

5. Keep Yourself Clean

You've been sitting in a box for hours. Your customers don't want to smell a nasty driver! Stay neat and clean and you'll wrack up more tips.

Be neutral. You might like the smell of French cologne, but your passengers might be allergic! Whatever you do, don't wear Axe, or any other scented body spray.

Wear clean clothes every day, wear an unscented deodorant, brush your teeth and don't eat or smoke in the car.

6. Offer Your Customers a Treat

Water bottles can get pretty expensive, but they are a nice touch. Get a large case of the half liter small cottles at a big box retail store. Keep them in the trunk of your car.

If you don't want to offer water bottles, a cheaper alternative is to have a small gift basket. You can put candies like Snickers, wet naps, toothpicks and the like. Don't use candies that have loose wrappers that can melt, like peppermints.

7. Find the Cheapest Gas

You are going to have to make many trips to top up your tank. Pay attention to the cost of gasoline. in most cars, you can use the lowest grade fuel with no problem, so check your vehicles owner's manual.

8. Be Polite

There's a good chance that some of your riders will be intoxicated. Others will be having a bad day and some will just naturally be rude people. You don't have to let yourself be disrespected, but you do need to keep up a calm demeanor.

Don't let a snarky rider ruin your rating. Just remember, the ride will be over soon. These tips may seem obvious but many drivers ignore them.

9. Obey Traffic Laws

Maybe you're a speed demon. Or maybe you drive like Grandma and like cruising 10 miles below the speed limit. Keep those behaviors for your off time.

When you're driving a passenger, you need to obey the law.

10. Smile

Simple fact- people like people who smile. It might feel forced but your wallet will appreciate your effort. Greet every rider with a genuine smile and your tips should start piling up.

Be an Awesome Rideshare Driver

Ahh, the freedom of the road. Becoming a rideshare driver can change your life. Thousands of people are working for Lyft and Uber full-time while many more are supplementing their incomes.

There's no boss, no set schedules, and almost no rules. You are your own boss. The gig economy has its drawbacks but it's also putting food on the table for a lot of families.

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