5 Tips For Becoming a Successful Real Estate Agent

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jul 16, 2018

Jul 16, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

Real Estate can be a tough business to break into and succeed. There's lots of competition and as a new agent, it can be hard to stand out in the crowd and gain clients.

Most people starting out in the industry worry about the Real Estate Agent qualifying exam. That's the easy part because you have complete control. If you study, you'll do well. The hard part comes after you've got your license and have to actually put what you learned into practice while finding a way to rise above the rest.

Check out these five tips on how to be a successful real estate agent and start living your dream by helping others find their dream home.

1. Have a Plan and a Backup Plan

If you want to make your dream into a reality you need a plan.

Even the best plans don't always go as expected so it's always good to also have a backup plan.

Edward Baxter, Royal LePage Triland Realty Brokerage Sales Representative with 8 years experience, had some words of wisdom for those starting out.

Baxter suggested,

"Have one year's income in reserve before starting into the business".

He's not alone in this thinking. Real estate agents need time to build a client base, gain experience, and make connections before they're able to make a sustainable income.

Many go into real estate part-time. They keep their full-time job until they can get their feet wet and gain confidence.

2. Network and Connect With an Experienced Broker

You can't expect to know everything about the business right off the bat. No matter how hard you studied for the real estate exam there's always stuff to learn.

A great way to break into real estate is to connect with an experienced broker and find mentors who can give you advice when you have questions on the job.

Learn from the wisdom of those who have been there. Find the things that work for you. Find resources and blogs like this Otranto Real Estate Co post that advises its readers on how to sell real estate. 

3. Get Technical and Go Online

Whether you like it or not the cyber world and technology must now be a huge part of your life. You can't compete in real estate today if you don't take it to new virtual levels.

Clients don't only want attention to detail and all the information at request. They like to search for a new home in the comfort of their current one.

Making an investment in technology to deliver the comfort and convenience that clients want can have big returns in the long run.

Build a Brand Online

You need to have a reputable online brand to have real-life success today. A user-friendly interactive website that's not only geared towards visitors but search engines as well.

A User-Friendly Interactive Website

There are 1.3 members of the National Association of Real Estate Agents and now you have to compete with the rest of the internet as well.

Homeowners are finding more and more ways to access information on new homes, and are turning to search engines and voice searches for options.

Your website needs to give them reasons to choose you above the rest:

  • easy to find
  • easy to use and navigate
  • easy to remember

Visitors don't want to spend half an hour trying to find your site and then waste more time trying to find the information they're looking for. Make sure your site gives clients what they want by providing all the information you'd give if there in person.

Easy to Find Means SEO

If you want to rank high in search engine results so prospective clients can find you, make sure all your content is search engine optimized.

This includes making sure you have up-to-date relevant content, backlinks and the right keywords and much more. There are many experts, freelancers, and outsource options to help decode the key to search engine optimization.

The right online strategy might include:

  • SEO relevant, recent content
  • company blog
  • social media profiles with customer engagement
  • local directories and reviews

Other aspects, such as online advertising, promotions, and guest posts that are usable in brand reputation and awareness campaigns.

This way the internet brings customers to you so that you can prove why you're the right choice.

4. People Skills Not Sales Skills Make a Successful Real Estate Agent

It won't be your website or your sales skills that make you a popular and trustworthy agent. It's your people skills.

People are more likely to give a negative or lukewarm review if they don't make a connection with you. Your people skills are the one thing that'll get you rave reviews.

Edward Baxter's other piece of advice is to "always follow up on a lead within 15 minutes of it coming in whether through phone, email or text."

If a person reaches out to you or you hear of someone needing an agent, use your people skills to make a connection before someone else does.

Potential clients want someone who'll go above and beyond. They want someone that uses their own car to get to properties, listens to their needs, and makes them feel like a priority.

Network everywhere you go and make connections. It's important to keep your ears open for a chance to give someone your business card.

5. Be Yourself and Maintain Good Relationships

As you're building a relationship with potential clients, don't promise things you can't deliver. People would rather you tell them the truth about what they're getting from you or any property you show them.

It won't do you any good, in the long run, to sign a bunch of contracts with clients based on unrealistic expectations and unobtainable goals.

Don't promise more than you can deliver and always deliver what you promise.

This will help you maintain a great reputation and good relationships with clients past, present, and future.

Keep a Connection

Your potential business relationship is far from over once you hang the sold sign and hand over the keys. Find a way to keep a connection with clients after you meet their immediate needs.

That relationship may make them lifelong loyal customers. It will also keep you fresh in their mind when friends, associates or acquaintances mention their real estate needs.

Host A Lot of Open Houses

You can make lots of connections by hosting lots of open houses. Many prospective buyers will spend days or even months exploring open houses before deciding on anything, like which agent they're going to use.

If they fall in love with a property, you're the agent they're coming to first.

Get the Word Out

Take every opportunity you can to spread the news that you're a successful real estate agent.

Check out more of our blog posts for tips on how to be more successful in your career today.