How to Land High Paying Social Media Marketing Jobs

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jul 16, 2018

Jul 16, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

Are you a top Tweeter, a ferocious Facebooker, and a LinkedIn legend?

Do you believe that you have what it takes to manage a company's social media profile and build their brand? If so, you're probably considering a career as a social media marketer.

Finding social media marketing jobs is difficult. It's a competitive market with plenty of candidates looking to fill open positions. How can you stand out from the crowd and show employers that you have what they are looking for? Let's look at how you can land a high paying job.

Market Yourself Through Social Media

If you want a company to trust you with their social media accounts, there's an easy way to show off your abilities. Use social media to market yourself.

Think of your social media accounts as the ultimate reference for employers. It's one of the few jobs where you can show companies your abilities before going in for an interview. Building a following and promoting yourself proves that you're capable of promoting a business.

Connect with everyone you can online. Try to make original posts throughout the day on a regular basis. If you have an online blog, use your social media accounts to send out articles that you write. As your followers share your work, you'll attract new connections.

As you gain followers, you need to keep them engaged by asking questions and replying to comments. Set up polls for them to answer and discuss the results. Share articles that interest you and give value to your readers as well. Remember to tag the writer of the article in your post. Content creators that receive credit for their work are more likely to send some love back your way.

Find Industry Insiders To Talk To

If you want to find social media careers, why not ask the people that already have them? As you network, remember to keep your eye on the finish line. Gaining a large number of followers is great, but it's the quality of these followers that matter.

Reach out to social media marketers and ask them about the industry. Tell them that you want to do what they do, and ask them what it's like working in the industry. You're better off starting the conversation off with questions about their experience, as most people are more willing to discuss their personal views first.

From there, find out if there's any advice they can give you. You'll get some inside info on what specific companies look for and possibly a lead or a reference for a job.

If you don't get a response from your inquiries, don't harass them. There's a natural temptation to send message after message in the hopes that persistence will impress someone. It doesn't. Send the first outreach message, and follow up a week later if you don't get a response. Past that, move on to the next person.

Get Experience

There's a saying that you need experience to get experience, but that's only partially true. You need experience to get paid.

There are opportunities for unpaid internships and even part-time gigs in marketing that will help your resume stand out. Look for opportunities with companies similar to ones that you want to work for.

You can also start small and work with local businesses to help them build their online presence. You'll have to pitch yourself to these companies once your own social following grows, but working with these companies allows you to show future employers tangible results.

Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. You'll face your fair share of rejection, but all you need is one yes to get your foot in the door. If need be, offer your services for free as a way to build your resume.

Train Yourself In Other Disciplines

Careers in social media fall under the marketing label. If you want companies to notice you, show them that you can do more than run a Twitter account.

Begin by learning about SEO and setting up a blog. Content writing is the best way to drive traffic to a website; if you can do that AND push social media followers to posts, you'll add to your desirability.

Read everything you can about keywords, Google analytics, and running a blog. Once you set up your blog, use it in conjunction with your social accounts. One feeds into another.

Develop a mailing list with your blog. If you can go to a company and tell them that you have 1,000 people in your mailing list, they'll view that as a base of customers that will follow you wherever you go.

These things add to your value. When looking for social media marketing jobs, you have to show companies that you're worth their investment. Cross-training yourself is the best way to do so.

Avoid Mistakes On Your Social Media Accounts

There are some common social media mistakes people make that hinder their chances of getting hired.

Offensive content is one of the fastest ways to hurt yourself. Stay away from offensive topics. Even if you think it's fine within context, remember that social media and context don't go hand in hand. Posts are often taken as singular snippets and used against people later on.

Stay on message and keep other people's feelings in mind. You'll gain more followers and get more leads that way.

Need Help Finding Social Media Marketing Jobs

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