Traveling for Work: What to Expect On Your First Business Trip

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jun 19, 2018

Jun 19, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

Like any trip, business trips have the good, the bad, and the ugly. The last thing you want is making elementary mistakes that will vex your boss.

If you're traveling for work for the first time, it's okay to become tense. You can brood over what to wear, what to pack and all the tales about foreign destinations. But it's possible to ace your first business trip.

Planning ahead and knowing what to expect can keep you unflustered, even when your flight delays.

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Flight Delays and Cancellations

Airline delays and cancellations can occur due to several reasons, such as inclement weather conditions. They are commonplace in travel, but knowing a few business travel hacks can help you deal with such situations.

If there's a cancellation, you can get rebooked, or you can get another flight. When this happens, call your hotel and taxi service to inform them that you'll arrive late. If you're headed straight to a business meeting, be sure to keep your contacts in the loop.

Flight delays are manageable provided that you're not in a hurry. If the delay is long, ask the airline if they will pay for your hotel room and meals.

Not Checking Visa Requirements

Countries don't have the same visa requirements, so don't make such as assumption.

This is particularly important when your flight route is through several countries. You'll need to meet the visa requirements of each country to gain entry. It's best to get the visa before you travel or you can apply for single entry and transit visas during a stopover. This can take up to 24 hours in some countries.

Take the time to understand the route for your flight. If it's not a direct flight, invest some time in getting familiar with country-specific visa requirements.

Not Having Time for Fun

Just because you're traveling for work, that doesn't mean you shouldn't have fun.

If your boss didn't set a budget for that, be sure to have one for yourself. We all know that vacations can be costly. Plus, finding time for vacation can be almost impossible if you have a busy work schedule.

So, leverage business travels to learn a local language, hit the clubs, visit some interesting sites, and have fun. It's just a way to have some peace of mind after long business meetings and events.

The Expense Report

This is what all business travelers dread the most. For some people, it can be worse than losing your luggage.

Expect to spend a bit of money on meals, taxis, and accommodation. This can be your money or that on the company card. Be sure to have several envelopes for each day of the trip. Label them with the date of the trip for easy management.

With every purchase you make, remember to place the receipt in the corresponding envelope. This is particularly a lifesaver if you have several trips during the travel. This way, filling out the expense report won't suck!

Traveling for Work Is Easy!

Getting everything ready beforehand can make your international business travel almost stress-free. Learn more about where you're going and only pack what you need.

Soon, you'll become a frequent flier, and this will make traveling for work a little bit more manageable and fun.

Business travels can be fun and offer an opportunity to network with like-minded people. Just be sure to avoid these networking mistakes during your trip.