5 Steps For Jumpstarting Your Blogger Career

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jul 11, 2018

Jul 11, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

Until the turn of the new millennium, blogging was mostly a passionate endeavor, an avenue to creative expression. Since then, though, blogging has morphed into a massive, lucrative industry. As of 2018, there are over 300 million blogs on the web, with the top ones pulling in over $1 million every month.

With such a figure, it's not surprising that more and more Americans are starting personal blogs.

However, starting a profitable blog is easier said than done. In fact, for every profitable blog, there are tens or hundreds struggling to turn out a cent.

Are you stuck in this rut? Feeling like your blogger career is stalling? Here is how to give it a jumpstart.

1. Stop Blogging Part-Time

The #1 mistake many bloggers make is treating their blogs as side hustles.

If you're pursuing your blogging career part-time, it's time to switch gears and go full-time. Sure, it's not savvy to leave a day job that pays the bills for one that is not generating any income - yet. But the thing is, the more you tend to your blog part-time, the longer it will take to achieve profitability.

It's all about making a leap of faith. As long as you have the blogging basics rights - a good niche, quality content, a user-friendly design and whatnot -- it will only be a matter of time before your blogging job starts bearing fruit.

Not sure what it takes to develop a blog that will make it big? Be sure to learn more about the basics.

2. Develop a Suitable Monetization Strategy

In most careers, the only monetization strategy is seeking a greater salary. This typically involves pursuing higher education and professional certifications, so that when a promotion opportunity arises, you'll be a stronger candidate.

In a blogger career, however, you have no boss to please, and there are multiple monetization strategies. You have to find one that works for your blog.

One monetization strategy is to become an affiliate blogger. This involves signing up with affiliate programs (usually offered by companies) in your niche and promoting their products and services on your blog.

Another strategy is to run sponsored posts. If your blog is very popular and authoritative, for instance, companies can approach you to blog about their product, service or event. They can even do the blog themselves, and then pay you to post it on your blog.

Other strategies include:

  • Charging membership fees
  • Offering coaching/consulting services
  • Banner advertising
  • Running job boards/Classifieds

Before settling on a monetization strategy, ensure you have as much information on it as possible. Research deeply. Connect with bloggers who run a similar model and gather their views. How much are they making?

It's also important to note that you can deploy multiple monetization strategies on the same blog. Just ensure they complement each other.

If you run a careers blog, for example, hosting a job board is an ideal monetization strategy. Your audience comprises of professionals, so connecting them with potential employers works. You could also offer a career coaching service on the same blog.

3. Perfect Your Turn of Phrase

Video is quickly becoming the content type of choice for most internet users. Indeed, researchers are forecasting that video will drive over 80 percent of all web traffic by 2021.

That said, written content is still king, and it's not about to leave the throne, at least not as far as blogging is concerned. For the most part, people visit their favorite blogs to read. Photos and videos complement the writing, but written content is the main attraction.

As such, perfecting your turn of phrase is a must-do when you're looking to jumpstart your blogger career. Exceptional writing not only excites and keeps your audience engaged, it also builds your authoritativeness. Industry authority opens op your blog to more lucrative monetization channels.

To be an excellent writer, never stop reading. Never stop writing. Even when you hit a massive writers' block, keep at it.

4. Chase Social Proof

Picture this.

You best friend shows up on your door one morning and says she has a million dollars. Generally, you've always been on the same economic wavelength. Would you believe her?

You'll ask for proof, else it's bluff, right?

The same thing happens online.

A new reader will want to know why they should trust your blog. Because you don't have the time to gradually build trust with this reader and hook them in, offering social proof is the best option.

Has any top website reviewed your blog or mentioned it in any way? Show proof on your homepage!

If you're just starting out and no major site has written anything about you, don't shy away from asking your existing audience to leave reviews. Let them share their experience. Publish those views. They will go a long way in building your credibility with new readers.

5. Look Beyond Google As Traffic Source

For a blog to stand a chance of making good money, it has to receive quality traffic.

And for many years, Google has been (and still is) the primary source of traffic for blogs. If your blog isn't ranking on Google, not many people won't find it.

It's not surprising that many bloggers focus on optimizing their blogs for Google. In 2018, however, look beyond Google.

Yes, Google controls over 90 percent of search traffic, but other platforms are emerging. Facebook, for instance, is rapidly growing into a formidable traffic source for blogs. With 2 billion monthly active users, there is every reason to think beyond Google.

Promote your blog, as well as posts, on social media. Engage with your social followers, too.

You Have the Tools to JumpStart Your Blogger Career

Blogs are a source of information and entertainment for millions of internet users.

As a blogger, you have the potential to turn this readership into money. And with the tips fleshed out in this article, you have the tools to ensure your blogger career takes off and reaches great heights.

What's more, you can always come back to our blog for more career insights.